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Nocturnal Snow by Legendary41
Nocturnal Snow
Fastest painting I've done so far. Acrylic on a 15 13/16"x 19 12/16" canvas. It's been hard, trying to fix a stupid mistake in order to get a certain job that'll help me get a better life. After nearly screwing any and even all chances of getting a better life I felt like painting a night time scenery with snow. Course tomorrow I'll find out if my final attempt is successful or if everything is all, as usual, done in vain. To, from what it seems, rot away and never see my dreams become reality.

Shiro Shinobi: "After an intense fight with Koh, Korra and Tenzin managed to recover Ummi's face. As promised they were told how Korra can regain all her past Avatars. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Avatar make it to Kyoshi Island, only to find the United Forces fleet being attacked by the Dragon Brothers` army. Once defeating them Opal and Kai reunite with the group and are on their way to Zaofu.

*Book: Strength Chapter 8: Reunions*

After traveling a day the airship is flying over the forest close to Chameleon Bay up ahead. The skies were clear and blue with little to no wind. Asami, Bolin and Opal were eating breakfast on the long dining table.

     “Where’s everybody else?” Opal wondered asking Asami.

   “They’re probably still resting. But they’ll be with us soon.” Asami replied as she poured herself something to drink and sat down, “So were you able to get in contact with your mother in Zaofu?”

     “I was, but there was a bit of interference, probably since we’re getting more out of range to transfer signals. They’ve had a few confrontations with the spirit army, but everyone is doing fine. My family along with the other metal benders have been protecting the region.”

  “That’s good to know because I don’t think I can fight another spirit soldier for a while.” Bolin added.

Opal giggled, “Well don’t worry Bolin, I’m sure there won’t be any when we’re in Zaofu. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you again.”

  “Oh, I look forward to seeing them all as well. It has been a while since we’ve gone and visited them. I also wonder how Varrick and Zhu Li are, did you get to talk to them as well?”

     “No, they weren’t with my mother at the time I talked to her. But we’ll know soon enough when we get to Zaofu.” Opal continued to eat her breakfast.


     In the Spirit World, Tenzin, Korra and Jinora stood in front of the north spirit portal putting on warm clothing they had brought with in their back packs.

 “Good thing we brought these coats along.” Korra puts her coat’s hoodie on her head.

  “How far will the Northern Water Tribe’s City be once we cross over?”

 “Not too far Jinora, but it’ll be quite a long walk.”

  “Maybe we will meet up with someone who can take us to the city along the way.”

 “Hopefully, but the weather isn’t going to be all that bad during the summer after we’re far from the portal. Even if we don’t get picked up it won’t pose any kind of danger.”

“Good to know. Now let’s head on over.” Tenzin replied.

The three then walk through the portal. Once on the other side there was a mutual wind blowing the snow around. The path ahead was partially visible after they walked out of the spirit forest. Korra pulls out a compass from her back pack and uses it to head south where she knew they were going to find the city.

 “We should head in that direction.” Korra pointed out for Tenzin and Jinora.

They started walking holding onto their coats to stay warm. Soon there were small illuminating post sticking out of the snow used as guides for anyone traveling from the Spirit World.

Tenzin saw Jinora trembling a bit and wanted to see if she was alright, “Are you alright Jinora?”

  “I’m fine, the coat is keeping warm.”

Then they all came across a large poll that had a flag high above next to what clearly was a snow plowed road. As stopped on the side of the road, they noticed two headlights coming more and more visible. Tenzin and Korra waved their right arm to see if the driver can give them a ride. The snow vehicle by them covering them in snow. They all stayed standing with an annoyed look on their faces for a second then air bended the snow off themselves. Another snow vehicle’s lights appeared in the gentle blizzard. Again Tenzin and Korra waved their arms hoping the driver would stop. The driver was able to see them through the fog on the wind shield. He stops the vehicle a foot from Tenzin. The three then approached the passenger side door, which the driver opens.

Tenzin let’s Korra and Jinora get in first and closes the door, “Thank you for giving us a ride especially in this weather.”

     “No problem. What are you all doing all the way out here on foot anyway?”

 “We were exploring the Spirit World, I don’t know if you what has been happening in the mainland, but we crossed over to search for some answers.” Korra replies.

     “If you’re talking about those terrifying spirit monsters, I do.”

  “How do you know about them?” Jinora asked.

     “They have been attacking one of the outer walls.”

Tenzin leans forward to see the driver better, “Have the soldiers manage to keep them out?”

     “The soldiers have managed to control the situation.”

 “Control the situation?” Korra wondered what the driver meant.

     “Yeah, those monsters keep coming back, recently on the backs of dark dragon looking spirits.”

“That’s odd, they really keep attacking the same wall?”

     “Yes, the soldiers take shifts now guarding it.”

Tenzin whispers to Korra with Jinora listening in, “Why do you think they are attacking the same place repeatedly?”

 “I can’t think of a reason myself.”

The driver then stomps on the brake to force the vehicle to a stop making everyone lunge forward, but were kept in their seats having their seatbelts on. They could see a few glowing colored figures that clearly were dark spirits. The driver started to go into a small panic, seeing so many dark spirits. He changes the transmission to reverse and starts to back the vehicle away.

 “Wait, we’ll be able to handle them.” Korra said in a high voice.

The driver stops the vehicle, “But they’re dark spirits, nobody can defeat them.”

 “Oh, we’ll be able to. Let’s go.”

The three take their seatbelts off as the driver stayed. Once they were all out the driver stuck his head out of the window, “Good luck! Just keep heading down this road, you’ll reach the city.” And with that he sped off into the blizzard.

The three app roached the group of dark spirits that were walking down the road.

 “They’re clearly heading to the city to attack. We must stop them.”

Korra fire bends at a spirit as Tenzin and Jinora air bended at other spirits in the back of the group. The rest of the spirits up front turn around to fight them. Korra jumps on the head of one of the spirits and landed in the center of the group. She liquefied the snow and water bended at the surrounding spirits. She froze a few and made frozen balls to launch at the others. Jinora fought two spirits throwing whirling winds while performing martial art moves. She jumps over the spirits to avoid their charge at her. After landing she uses a big whirl wind wall to blow them down into the snow. Tenzin as well used all sorts of moves to fight off the spirits, using more advance air bender tactics.

 “Hurry, you two use your air bending to round up the remaining spirits together.” Korra instructed.

Tenzin and Jinora start to move their arms in circles to generate a coral of air, which starts to force the spirits to group together. Korra then liquefies the snow under the spirits and made it twirl around them. Then she started to make the water glow gold as well as the spirits from their feet up to their head. The spirits disintegrated into tiny light orbs until they were all gone.

Korra puts her right fist on her left palm and bows her head, “Go in peace.” She takes a breath and looks at her friends, “Alright, we should get moving.”

“Right, there shouldn’t be much distance left to reach the city.”

All three then walked down the road on their way again.

     The sun was visible since the weather was calmer and there were many clear white clouds in the sky. Two guards were guarding above the entrance where Korra, Tenzin and Jinora approached.

A guard spots them and calls out to them, “Halt, who are you all and what is your purpose here?”

 “I’m Avatar Korra, accompanying me are Air Bending Masters Tenzin and His daughter Jinora.”

     “It’s the Avatar, open the gates.” The guard commanded the others behind the gates.

Not long after, the three were being driven to the palace. Jinora looked out a window to see the many structures and architectures mainly made out of carved ice. It looked like an ice version of Republic City. They reach the palace and are greeted by Eska and Desna while their guards stood on each side by the palace walls.

   “Korra, what has brought you here?”

    “Have you came to take care of those bothersome spirit soldiers? They kept interrupting my sleep for many nights now.” Desna said in an annoyed tone.

 “No, Tenzin, Jinora and I had been in the Spirit World to find out how to regain my past Avatars. And now we’re heading to Ba Sing Se to rendezvous with everyone helping to find the temple of where the spirit soldiers are originating from.”

   “Won’t you at least see what you can do about the spirit soldiers attacking the wall south of here? I would think you being the Avatar can do something to stop them.”

 “OK, I’ll see what I can do.”

   “Guard, have our stagecoach come at once.”

     “Yes ma’am.” The guard then ran off.

“Are you sure we have time to do this Korra?” Tenzin asked.

 “We have to help where ever the soldiers are at. Besides the more of them we defeat the sooner we will resolve this with little resistance.” Korra happily assured.


     Near the shore of Chameleon Bay the airship had landed. Everyone got out to stretch and walk around close to the shore line. The crew stayed close to the airship as they sat on foldable chairs chatting as they ate lunch. Ronin was fishing, Bolin and Opal walked down by the shore, while Mako sat on a foldable chair a small distance from the water. Kyria had come back from the airship holding two canned drinks and sits down next to Asami on a separate beach towel.

    “Here we are, two apple peach sodas.”

   “Thanks.” Asami opens her can and takes a drink from it, “So, how is it you came to be in the Western Air Temple?”

    “Well, after receiving my certificate from the school I attended I went onto being an apprentice of a great mechanic. He taught other apprentices how to fix all sorts of machinery. After a year I worked in an airship hangar where I worked for two years. It wasn’t long that the company sent me to the Western Air Temple. But once Kuvira started taking over the earth mainland the company was shut down and I had gotten stranded in a sense at the temple. But I got used to living there especially since I got employed by the construction company hired to help make new additions to the temple.”

   “Wow, you really been on quite the adventure unlike any other.”

    “Alas, I had been needing to return home and check up on my family, see how they been doing after Kuvira’s fall.”

Asami smiles at Kyria, “Well it won’t be long after leaving Zaofu you’ll see them again.”

    “How is Zaofu by the way? I never been there.”

   “It’s nice. Opal’s family were the main creators of it. They have been expanding the city after the former Prince Wu got rid of the monarch. I look forward to seeing the new additions they’ve made.”

Kyria took a drink and then looks at the sand between her beach towel and Asami’s beach towel, “So, um, are you and Mako… together?”

Asami had been taking a drink from her soda and almost choked on it, but calmly coughs it out, “Oh, no. I mean, we dated a long time ago. It didn’t exactly work out, it had gotten complex since he had feelings for Korra. But we’re good friends now and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

    “Sorry, didn’t mean to assume or anything.”

Asami chuckled a bit, “It’s alright.”

    “You’re a very interesting person, it’s strange to me that you aren’t with somebody.”

Asami smiles as she looks down at the sand between the towels. Ronin then comes out of the water having caught three fishes that were tied to the rope.

    “That’s quite the catch Ronin.” Kyria commented.

“Thanks, these will be great for dinner. I should get more so we can have them when we arrive to Zaofu we can have a big dinner with everyone else there.” Ronin left the fish in a small pool he made and went back to fishing.


     Near the Northern Water Tribe’s City outer wall, everyone reached the damaged wall that mainly had the huge cracks filled with bended water that was frozen in. Korra, Tenzin and Jinora inspect it from the top seeing what defenses were placed, like spears embedded into a small dune of ice in front of the wall, to keep the spirit soldiers out.

 “They clearly haven’t been holding back”

“I find it very odd they keep trying to get into the city. Have you two any idea of why they keep coming back?”

   “No. We’ve had our best investigators on it, but haven’t found any sort of evidence.” Eska replies.

    “They been attacking in different times in the day and in the night.” Desna added.

 “But you guys have everything under control here right? Cause if you do we’ll must be heading to Ba Sing Se.”

    “Wait, so you’re not going to help?”

 “Well, I mean, the sooner I get my past carnations back and find the temple, the sooner I can get rid of all of the spirit soldiers.” Korra gave a fake smile unassured of how to convince her two cousins that kept a sharp look on her.

Then a huge wave hits the other side of the wall causing it to quake making everyone almost lose their balance. Korra runs to the edge to see what caused it. There were four spirit soldiers using their spirit energy that bended the water they made from the snow with a few standing by to attack. Again they smacked a wave onto the wall causing more cracks to appear on the wall. Immediately, Korra follow by Tenzin and Jinora jump on down to stop them. Eska and Desna looked at one another and shrugged at each other, then jump down as well. When Korra did her landing roll she bended two huge piece of ice from the ground and throws it to defeat two of the water bending soldiers. The others unsheathe their weapons and march towards her. Tenzin and Jinora land swiftly put generate their own separate whirl winds and use their bending to trip many of the charging soldiers. Eska and Desna surfed down the wall taking a few parts of it off and make sharp long spear heads to rain on the soldiers. Many of the soldiers disappear having gotten hit by them. The two bended alongside each other after landing. Korra then gets into the Avatar state to freeze the feet of the soldiers. Tenzin and Jinora use a sharp whirl wind to eliminate the soldiers as some began to break free. After a small quake, a massive dark spirit with various tentacles rises from the frozen ground.

 “I can’t get rid of that thing with the spirit soldiers attacking.” Korra yelled out while defending herself from oncoming attacks.

“Alright. Everyone, we need to do what we can to give Korra an opening to get rid of the dark spirit.” Tenzin shouts to everyone.

Jinora, Eska and Densa then start giving their all against the soldiers as they dodge the dark spirit’s tentacles time to time. The dark spirit then grabs on to multiple parts of the wall and started to pull on it. Cracks formed as pieces of the wall fell down while the Northern Tribe soldiers evaded the top of it.

    “We need to stop that thing from tearing down the wall.” Desna said to Eska.

   “Then let’s detach those wiggling limbs off the wall.”

They both put their hands to the frozen ground and bend huge ice pillars to lift them near the top. Once there they use sharp disc to cut off the limbs. But the dark spirit still managed to bring down the wall. As the pieces fell Eska and Desna jump from piece to piece water bending to keep some the of the wall up.

“Korra now!” Tenzin yells after he and Jinora blew the remaining soldiers away into a pool of water.

Korra then starts bending water around the spirit and begins to make it glow. The light covers the spirit entirely and begins to disintegrate. She takes a breath then walks on over to Tenzin and Jinora.

 “Man they really want to get into the city.”

“And from the looks of it now they just might the next time they attack.”

    “I don’t thinks so. We’ll make a blockade and build the wall higher and thicker.” Desna replies.

   “That is right. If they think they will get through they are mistaken. We’ll have more guards on here as well.” Eska added.

 “Alright, if you two don’t mind we’ll be leaving now.”

   “We’ll have a ship readied for you all in your travel. Guard, have a ship ready for my cousin and her friends.”

     “Yes, right away.” The guard ran off.


    Finally the airship makes it to Zaofu. There were new train tracks that connect the city built alongside the roads. In the very back new buildings were being constructed.

   “We’re here.” Asami told everyone whom gotten up and looked out the window.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Ronin marveled at it all.

The airship lands on the landing zone near the city portion where Sue’s home is located. Sue, Baatar and Toph along with some guards drove up on jeeps to greet everyone.

Opal runs to Toph happy to see her, “Grandma!” She says and hugs Toph.

       “How are you kiddo?” Toph replied happily.

     “It’s great to see you here. When did you arrive?”

       “About three weeks ago. Thought I should get out of the swamp and see what everyone has been up too. Course I felt an unbalance force causing trouble over here and came to help out on whatever it was.”

      “Opal, Bolin, how have you two been?” Sue hugs Opal then Bolin then turns to Mako and Asami, “How are all of you as well? It has been a long time since we saw all of you.” She then notices Ronin and Kyria, “Who are you’re new friends?”

  “Oh, this is Kyria, met her at the Western Air Temple. And this is Ronin, met him in the Eastern Air Temple.” Bolin introduces them.

Sue shakes their hands happily, “Nice to meet you two. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here.”

    “I am sure we will. It is very beautiful here.”

Ronin then presents the small ice chest with the fish inside, “I got these in our stop at Chameleon Bay, for dinner if that’s alright with you.”

      “Thank you, these are going to be great. How about we all head to my home? Everyone is looking forward to seeing all you.” Sue turned to the airship crew, “I’ll have a couple more guards escort you all to the living courters where you can stay at.”

Captain Mharu stretched and thanks Sue, “Why thank you madam, your hospitality is very much appreciated.”

The jeeps pull up to the entrance of Sue’s home where Huan, Wei and Wing were waiting up front. They each hug Opal and shake the hands of her friends. Inside they gather and sit in the living room to discuss.

 “So how long have you all been fighting off the soldiers?” Mako asked.

      “Nearly a month now. They came from the North and attacked the new addition to Zaofu. Luckily the guards and my family were able to defeat them and gain control of the situation. We set some watch towers a couple of miles to keep watch over the lands in case the invaders came again, which they have been days after they get defeated. We been collecting their armor in a pile away from here.”

        “Where is Korra by the way? I would have thought she could handle such spiritual beings. She hasn’t gone soft again has she?” Toph wondered.

  “She, Tenzin and Jinora went to the spirit world to find a spirit that new of a way to get her past Avatars back. We are to meet in Ba Sing Se in my cousin’s home there.” Bolin replies.

       “Hmm, well I just hope she gets back to kick those no good spirit soldier’s butts. I’m too old to be having to do her job especially since I retired.”

 “Do not worry, she’ll be coming back soon. In the mean time we been stopping them from attacking towns. We’re searching for their source which happens to be a lost temple.” Mako added.

       “And where is this temple you speak of?”

Mako pulls out the map and hands it to Suyin, “We are not exactly sure since its location had been lost a long time ago. We been marking the places where we have fought them, it mainly seems it’s going to be in the northern part of the earth mainland.”

      “Well, when you find a specific area give me a call and I’ll get some of my best metal benders to help locate it.” Sue offered.

 “Thanks, I’m sure we’ll need it.”

That night after dinner, Ronin was on a balcony looking at the scenery. The many lights illuminating from the buildings that were separated by dark lands in between, with only small lights that lit the streets connecting the city. With the mountains in the back and a few visible stars in the night sky. A few spirits of all sorts flew near and far from Sue’s home.

Asami then walks out and joins Ronin, “Here you were.”

“Oh, hey.” He turns to see her.

   “Why are you out here?”

“Just thought I’d get some fresh air and see what the city looks like at night.”

   “Are you alright?”

“Yeah I just been thinking once this is over I’ll see how the village has been doing and maybe find peace.”

   “I hope you do. We’ll be with you all the way. You really helped us a lot defending the world from the army, we’ll make sure you’re remembered for your part.” Asami place her left hand on his right shoulder.

“I sometimes get the feeling something has happened to the village, especially with all these spirit soldiers appearing everywhere there is no telling if they made it there.”

Asami could see Ronin’s face with uncertainty, “I’m sure everyone in your village is doing well. After all, if the fishing villages on the cost were able to defend themselves without much of our help, there is no doubt your village’s descendants have been able to as well.”

“You’re right. After all they are rather hidden well in the forest. Not to mention we had underground tunnels to escape in just in case of an invasion.” Ronin felt better remembering that.

   “See, I’m sure they’re doing fine. We’ll see them all before you know it.” She looks back at the entrance hearing everyone chatting and laughing, “Say why don’t we head back and join in on the fun.”

“You’re right, we need that after all we been through.”

The two happily walk back inside as spirit birds flew onto the balcony to rest.

Shiro Shinobi: “Koh, a malevolent spirit, whom has had a history with the Avatar mainly with Avatar Kuruke after stealing his fiancée Ummi’s face. Now Korra must regain it back for Ummi so she can tell Korra how to regain her predecessors. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Avatar took back a radio station after battling a couple of spirit soldiers whom were led by Xersi and Xi’Lee. What is to happen next on everyone’s voyage to find the temple?”


*Book: Strength Chapter 7: Meeting Again*


Korra and Tenzin had little distance left as they approached the entrance to Koh’s lair. Korra felt a bit of pressure building inside her chest as the arc of the tree was getting more over her head. Right on the entrance they stopped walking to review the plan as to how they’re going to approach Koh.

“Here we are. Remember, do not show any expressions. Keep control over your emotions. After meeting my father long, no doubt he’ll try to say what he can to make you express your feelings. Should you need to, best to do it when he cannot see you, but I would not try it.”

 “Right. I just hope Ummi was right about getting her face back is like taking off a mask.”

“I hope she is right about that as well. Let’s just focus on resolving this without drawing conflict.”

The two then enter the tree and started down cave. Outside, Jinora sat on the root with her arms on her legs so she can place her head on her hands. Ummi waited beside her not moving, just watching the tree.

   “Will they be OK in there?”

    “I’m sure they will be. Your father looks confident and the young Avatar has a lot of strength.”

  “Why couldn’t you just tell us of the way Korra can get back the Past Avatars? We would’ve came back and helped you.”

   “You do not know what it is like, to be forever condemned in this part of the Spirit World, separated from everyone I loved in life. I know it is wrong to do this, but you know as well as I you would have done the same.”

Jinora turned little bit away from Ummi being disappointed of the situation they were in. Inside the cave Tenzin and Korra finally reached the lair. With the vivid light barely allowing them to see what their surroundings were. They could hardly see the roots of the tree above ground coming through the ceiling and digging back through the walls. They could hear gentle drops as they listened and looked around to see if Koh was anywhere inside. From above, Koh watched silently as Tenzin and Korra investigated keeping a straight face to not show any emotions. He followed them, crawling on the ceiling not making any noise.

 “Where is he? Do you think he might have left and made a new home somewhere else?”

“He’s here alright, don’t let your guard down for any second.”

 “I don’t know, maybe he felt me coming and coward away to-“

Koh then immediately pops out from the dark and immediately confronts Korra whom luckily was able to put on her straight face. Koh watched her with the face of the Baboon with a grin on his face for a few seconds, inches from her face and then moves on past her left side to see both her and Tenzin.

    “Well, for what reason do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again Avatar? Come for my help again?”

As Korra still had her back turned to Koh, she expresses her disgust and then her relief of not letting Koh get the best of her.

“We’ve come here to request something of you.” Tenzin began the conversation to break the silence.

    “Oh, and what will that be son of the previous Avatar?” Koh changes his face to that of a young man with black hair and blue eyes.

"We need the face of Ummi, the fiancée of Avatar Kuruke."

    "Is that so?" Koh turned and crawls to Tenzin, "And what use will you have for it I do wonder."

"She came to us for help and as the Avatar it my duty to help the spirits as well." Korra replies avoiding to tell the true reason.

Koh changes his face to a strange rodent that had sharp teeth, slithering between Tenzin and Korra to see her face, "Avatar, you don't honestly think you can hide the reason for why you've came to this world to see me. Ummi has something you need, but in order to obtain it she has requested for you talk to me in returning her face."

Korra opened her fist knowing she was found out.

    "But maybe we can arrange something: A trade, face-for-a-face."

"What do you mean...?"

He carefully places his left foot on her right cheek, "After all, this new beautiful face you have now could be my prized possession being from the Avatar. A great face to trade for any other."

"Sorry, but I'm not going to do that, there must be something else you want to exchange for Ummi's face?"

Koh removes his foot off her face and changes his face to an old woman with long white hair and brown eyes, "There is nothing I would want more than an Avatar's face to my collection." He looks at Tenzin, "Unless your friend wants to sacrifice himself, his is the nearest thing I can have that is close to the Avatar."

"Look we didn't come here to play games Koh. The world is in danger of a destructive force that will also affect the Spirit World."

He immediately turned back to Korra, "And what concern is that of mine? I won't be disturbed much less challenged."

"You can't be serious Koh? The effects on the Spirit World affect all spirits, you as well. Please, you must come to reason or by some terms." Tenzin urged Koh nearly expressing it on his face.

Then Koh changed to the white face that had black eyes and red lips smiling, “My apologies, but I think there will be any transaction this time and so bid you a farewell.” Koh then starts to crawl towards a pitch black corner in the cave.

“Fine.” Tenzin said with his head down, eyes closed. Koh stopped to listen, “I’ll do it.”

 “What? Tenzin, you can’t be serious. I won’t let you, think about Jinora and everyone.” Korra urged Tenzin.

“I’m willing to sacrifice myself in order to secure their future along with both worlds. This is my decision and mine alone.”

Koh turns to look at him still with the white face, “Do we have a deal then?”

Tenzin sighed, “We do.”

As Koh approached him as Korra stepped aside with her head down. His face is over a foot away from Tenzin whom still had straight face on.

“Before I exchange my face, I want to at least see Ummi’s. It’s at least fair I see the spirit for whom I sacrificed myself for.”

    “Very well.” Koh changes his face to Ummi’s.

Right before he could take Tenzin’s face, Korra immediately jumps onto Koh grabbing on Ummi’s face on both sides behind the ears and gets into the Avatar state to start taking the face off. Koh yells as if in agony as Korra pulls with all her might and soon a white light starts to shine in between Ummi’s face and Koh’s neck area, until finally Korra takes it off him. She falls onto the floor holding a sphere of light that reflects Ummi’s face within. Koh threw his faceless upper half left and right still yelling in agony crashing onto the cave walls.

Tenzin quickly helps Korra up, “Quickly let’s get out of here while we can.”

Korra nods once and they run for the exit.

    “AVATAR!” Koh yells to her. He stops moving around and makes a demon like insect face with human features appear where it had been empty. He starts crawling swiftly with rage through the tunnel chasing Tenzin and Korra. The two make it outside, Korra having to jump out and roll right before Koh could get her. Koh flies out looking down from above at Tenzin and Korra. Jinora jumps up looking at Koh and starts to run to help Tenzin and Korra.

    “If you honestly think you can steal from me you are mistaken! I will have both your faces at the end of this!”

As Koh swoops down to attack, Korra water bends with one hand as Tenzin air bends. They manage to hit at and below the middle of his body. They dodge him jumping aside as he causes a dirt cloud to spring from the attack. He flies upward to strike again. Jinora arrives and gets to a stance to prepare for the attack with her father and Korra. Koh notices her and decides to attack her instead.

“And now it seems I’ll be collecting three faces.”

Koh grins showing his sharp teeth and swoops toward Jinora. She prepares for Koh moving her hands to generate air. She then jumps over Koh, making frost consume the upper part of his body freezing his face. Jinora lands a few steps from Korra. Koh yells in agony again, but sounded a bit muted due to the frost on his face. He slams his body onto the ground to break it all of him.

    “That took a lot of nerve, but it won’t help you against me!”

Koh spreads his upper legs and aims the points of his legs points towards the group. Ummi jumps on his back right before his legs stretched so fast and long causing him to miss impaling his feet to the ground. Everyone was able to dodge them despite of Ummi’s attack on Koh. As he lunges around Ummi hung onto his back until he managed to get her off him. She lies on the ground defenseless, but showed no injury.

    “I should have gotten rid of you long ago, but now I will once and for all.”

 “Ummi look out!” Korra calls out with her right hand out.

Koh uses his back end to crush Ummi where she kneeled as she had gotten up. She was able to jump out of the way, but Koh drags it to still crush Ummi.

Just then, the white monkey with a brown cape on his left side appears and stops Koh with only his right hand, “Finally, you came out.” He said with ease.

    “You!” Koh said.

     “Yes, I been waiting for this a long time. Now we fight.”

 “Who is that?” Korra asked Tenzin.

“I don’t know. Whoever he is he clearly can handle Koh.” He replied.

The monkey got into a fighting stance, “Now it’s time to finish off what you started long ago.”

He then jumps high to Koh’s face and kicks him nearly knocking him to the ground. Koh tries to attack back using his back end and again with stretching his legs, but the monkey was too fast for him to get. The monkey unleashes an array of attacks showing Koh was no match for him. Koh realizes he wasn’t going to win and starts to withdraw from fight heading back into his cave.

    “You may have gotten the best of me Avatar, but I will obtain your face in the future.” He disappears in the darkness.

 “Thank you for helping us.” Korra thanked the monkey as they all approach him.

     “It was nothing. He and I go way back. I make sure he cannot go out and steal more faces from innocent beings and spirits.”

“Is there anything we can do to repay you for your help?” Tenzin asked.

     “There’s no need, it is something of a duty for me. Now if you don’t mind I would like to go back to meditating.” With that he jumps up a tree and gets to a meditative position.

Korra holds out the light sphere towards Ummi, “Here, we were able to get your face back from Koh.”

Ummi grabs onto the sphere and looks at it. She then drives it into her chest and unleashes a bright light illuminating her body. Everyone turns away blocking the light with one of their arms. Once the light had stopped everyone looks Ummi. She slowly lifts her hands up to her face and removes the mask revealing her face, opening her eyes. She look at everyone and smiles, happy to have gotten her face back.

   “Thank you, all of you. Now I’ll be able to find peace. But before I do, as promised I will reveal how you will regain your past lives. As you know the Eastern Temple houses the statues of every Avatar that had existed. Their purpose is to house the spirits of the Avatar. Kuruke had told me of what they were for when he was in doubt at a young age to contact the past Avatars. He had stood in the giant room in the center of the circle. He went into the Avatar state making the eyes of every statue light up.”

  “Of course. The Eastern Air Temple has always been special to the air nomads. Now I see why.”

“Thank you Ummi it really means a lot, to Korra and everyone in the physical world.”

Then a light appears behind Ummi and all sorts of voices, a few filled with joy, could be heard, “Finally, after so long, I can be with him and everyone.” Ummi started to walk toward the light and vanished with it after crossing over.

 “May you be at peace.” Korra says as everyone bows their head.

“We must head back to the physical world. We have a chance to end what’s happening once and for all.”

 “Let’s reunite with everyone else before we head on over to the Eastern Air Temple. We’ll need all the help we can get.”


Back in the physical world, everyone left the radio station heading off on their planned route. Asami walked from the radio to her friends who were relaxing on the furniture.

   “Well I just got back from talking with the President. We’ll be heading to Kyoshi Island, the naval ships can be used as transmitters to carry radio signals at least for the major bottom half of the mainland.”

 “That’s a good idea to temporarily get communications back up.”

   “Right now, the radio station is the only thing he can communicate through, but it has limited range. And from here on out we won’t be communicating with anybody else as well.”

“Well to Kyoshi Island we go. It’ll delay our voyage, but at least we’ll be up to date through others on what the current status of the world is.”

After traveling down the mainland they finally reached the shores, Kyoshi Island up ahead.

     “Kyoshi Island is up ahead.” Captain Mharu said in the overcome.

Bolin got up and walked to see it. As the airship got closer one could see the naval ships. There were small flashes of light coming from them that later turned out to be fire bending blast coming from their canons. The ships were being assaulted by soldiers on not only dark spirit dragons, but also dark water serpent like spirits. The soldiers on deck were bending fire, water and earth where ever they saw the dark spirits.

Captain Mharu seas the amazing battle going on and immediately comes on the overcome again after pulling a switch that made a red light come on, “Red alert! Red alert! Enemy is assaulting the naval ships! Prepare for combat!”

Asami and Mako rushed out of their courters and ran through the small hallways onto the bridge meeting with Kyria, Ronin and Bolin.

  “Guys, they’re here too.” Bolin pointed out.

 “We should hurry and help them. If something happens to those ships, there won’t be any communications to keep the United Forces informed of our progress. Bolin and Kyria, head up top of the ship and fire those earth disc at the spirit soldiers. We’ll need to get close so we can land on one of those ships and help out.”

  “Right!” Kyria replied, “Come on, let’s go.” Bolin nodded and off they went packing earth disc into a couple of bags as quick as they could.

 “We should get ready as well.”

“I’ll go get the parachutes.” Ronin runs to the cabinet where the parachutes are stored.

Asami then runs back to her room to get into her battle suit as Mako goes to the door, opening it to see the battle better.

 “Is everybody ready?” Mako says holding up his walky talky.

  “We’re ready up here bro.” Bolin replies through his walky talky.

 “Alright, let’s move on forward. Captain.” Mako gave Captain Mharu a nod.

“Here we go mates, best of luck to you all.” The Captain says as he pushes a lever to increase the airship’s speed. As the airship entered the battle a couple of spirit soldiers spot them and fly on over to them. Bolin and Kyria see them and start throwing the earth disc at them. At the far distance the soldiers were a few disc missed them, but two of the six that head towards the airship got knocked down. There were a few crew members whom also fire and earth bended along with the two friends. Finally the airship was close to one of the ships that had a few parts of it having smoke coming from it.

 “Jump!” Mako yelled out.

The three friends fly for a few seconds in the air and when they neared the ship they used the parachutes for a quick smooth landing. They took off the parachute packs as quick as they could and help the servicemen fight of a few spirit soldiers on deck.

Mako grabs his walky talky to contact Bolin, “Come on down.”

  “Understood, over.” Bolin replied. Kyria and Bolin run to the left side of the airship and jump. As they flew, they past a couple of spirit soldiers and were lucky to have missed the oncoming earth disc and fire balls flying in the air. They could see a couple of air benders flying around air bending. Kyria and Bolin release their parachutes nearing a ship. As they were going to land on a carrier, a spirit soldiers was going in for an attack as he thought they were both vulnerable. Kyria bended an earth disc that flew nearby and used it to knock off the soldier down with the dark spirit dragon. The two friends land on the deck and use the scattered earth disc that were left after the carrier received a hit. Bolin left his guard down and a spirit soldier that was a fire bender saw his opportunity to strike. He throws a fire ball at Bolin whom notices it as it was a few feet away. But then a whirl wind comes in between and stops the fire. Opal swooped in and uses another whirl wind to defeat the soldier making both him and the dark spirit dragon crash into the sea.

  “Opal!” Bolin happily called out as Opal landed on the deck.

She hugs Bolin tightly, “Bolin, it’s great to see you! How is it you’re here? I thought you were going to be close to Chameleon Bay by now?”

  “Well we got side tracked by the Dragon Brother’s Army.”

Kai then comes flying in air bending taking down a soldier that had been chasing him. He does a roll landing and gets up, “Bolin, it’s great to see you.”

  “It’s great to see you too buddy. Man you’ve grown.”

    “Don’t mean to interrupt your reunion, but we still have a battle to win.” Kyria said as she earth bended a disc.

After a couple more spirit soldiers fell, the rest retreated towards the mainland. The ship Ronin, Asami and Mako landed on start to sink with the back end going underwater. The servicemen started to jump into the water as others with the three friends helped the rest inside.

   “That’s everyone.” Asami said as one last service member ran across the deck and jumped.

“Alright, let’s get off as well.” Ronin replied.

They jumped into the water near a rescue boat helping everyone out of the water. Once the three friends were up on another ship, the commander greeted them.

      “I assume you all are the friends of the Avatar?”

 “Yes sir, we came here on behalf of President Raiko.” Mako answered.

      “And what news from the President. I haven’t been able to communicate with him in a while.”

 “The radio stations had been taken over by the enemy force. Though we manage to liberate some, their towers damages or destroyed. He said to tell all of the United Forces to use messenger hawks and that the ships can be used as temporary radio transmitters.”

      “Is that so, we’ll get onto it. In the meantime, I need to get these ships repaired. The enemy took us by surprise, luckily everyone was prepared. I also want to thank you all for showing up. Will you be staying here?”

   “We’ll be staying in Kyoshi Island if that’s OK sir. We’re on a mission to find the source of the Dragon Brothers’ army. The spirit soldiers we fought.”

      “Should you ever need of assistance, my fleet will come to your aid. Just send a message to me Commander Argo.” The commander hands a paper to Asami then walks off with his officers behind him.

     In the evening at one of Kyoshi Island’s shores where everyone gathered around a fire, as Bolin and Opal sat on a wooden picnic table having two coconut drinks on the center.

  “It’s going to be great traveling now that you’re coming with us on the airship.”

     “Yes, I look forward to it. Where is Korra by the way?”

  “She, Tenzin and Jinora left to the Spirit World to find a spirit that knew how Korra can get all her past Avatars back. It was quite the shock for her.”

     “Really? That’s great isn’t it? She’ll be able to find the temple now without any problems.”

  “Yes. But for now, we have to help everyone who’s being attack by the army. It just seems every time we have a plan, they’re one foot ahead of us.” Bolin then drinks from his coconut.

      “That is a bit strange.” Opal replies.

“So where’s our next stop?” Ronin asked as Mako reviewed the map he marked the encounters with the soldiers.

 “We should head up to get back on our route to Ba Sing Se. We’ll stop at Zaofu to see how they’re doing. Sue probably has been taking care of the region.”

   “I just hope Korra, Tenzin and Jinora are alright. I got a bad feeling like if something has happened.” Asami wrapped her arms around her legs.

 “They’re alright, I just know they are. Don’t worry about them, we’ll see them soon enough in Ba Sing Se before you know it.”

 “I hope so Mako, I hope so.”

Mako places his hand on Asami’s right shoulder to assure her as she looks up at the night sky at the moon above, with a couple of bright stars shining and a few clouds moving across it.

Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 7
Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 7: Meeting Again
I kind of rushed through the center of story on this one due to a few things I got going. But nonetheless, should be entertaining. I have began drawing out the characters I made up for the fanfic, should be posting them up soon. also it seems someone i screwing with the text. there is too many weird mistakes after i know i reread before posting.
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