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 Last of
Us: Resurrection

    Three years have gone by, lives were changed, rebuilt, reunited and have been prospering. But the threats that endangered survival in the new world were never over... A horde of infected that had been sealed within a city unleashed. A relentless secret organization still seeking a cure. New comers from the wilds looking to take refuge by force. Some nightmares never end, they remain dormant behind day dreams, only to resume in the dreams at night. Joel and Ellie are bound for more ordeals that will test how far they will go to protect everything they had once lost long ago.
The Last of Us: Resurrection
Man it's been a while since I seen something of The Last of Us. I went to see if there was any news of a sequel being in the works, but some things seem certain others not much. But it would be cool if there was something currently going down. After obtaining a new laptop I got to making music again. I used an old project tracks to finish a song that really had a Last of Us feel to it.…

Would be cool if a new game is coming out to see the aftermath; if everyone truly lives happily ever after, or some things always come back...
OS Tomahawk by Legendary41
OS Tomahawk

A weapon taken from a video game I'm going to make in the future. This weapon belongs to the Native American Ordain Society Agent Abeytu. When his story is met, The Ordain Society shows its involvement in The American Revolution through Abeytu. His story begins when his tribe is captured by the British since they weren't on their side and didn't want them to fight against them. The British decided to hold Abeytu's tribe in a fort until the war was over so it would look as though they were keeping their word about the treaties made with four other tribes. Abeytu later escapes from the fort when his tribe is being marched in. Obligated to help his people, he is recruited by The Ordain Society to work for them and to be trained. This Tomahawk he designed was made in Pakistan out of Damascus Steel by a famous Blacksmith. It came in handy in battle and while traveling through the wilderness defeating not only the British forces, but as usual keeping balance and peace between humans and non-humans.

Before he requests his tomahawk to be made, on his first mission, Abeytu's group is attacked by a giant tomahawk wielding non-human whom he gets his design from as shown here.

 Carbon Steel OS Tomahawk 1.0 up for auction!:…

I was inspired a bit from the new AC3 video game to have this tomahawk made. It is made out of Damascus Steel, which was very expensive, but worth it. I call it the OS Tomahawk since it is for an Ordain Society video game. It is 90% complete. It is 17 inches long and the head is 8 inches.

I had my black smith make two carbon steel head, and another in with a wooden handle I intend to sale as a collector's piece, but have not found a site online to post them for sale.

Rick In Peace by Legendary41
Rick In Peace
    Through all the adventures Rick has had over the years, even before with his grandson Morty, he was bound to make enemies: Even an interdimensional version of Death. Death had become overwhelmed with Rick having sent too many alien souls to "the other side" causing its work load to increase time and time again. Seeing the only way to end it is to kill Rick himself. He teamed up with evil Morty to play as the real Morty in his school, while Morty was on an adventure, to kidnap Jessica: Only to later have Morty go save her and become bait himself to bring Rick to Death. Having received the message of Morty's capture, Rick gathered all the allies he could to help save his grandson. Whom will previal or triumph?

Man this pic took me a long time to finish, having no drawing experience of the art style for the show. Even though as we all see it is a simple style. But it was all good fun. Stayed up real late finishing it up within eight days, haha. But got it done. Wish I could get it scanned since the sumbittion you're looking at is a picture of the real thing. But I will get it scanned and replace the file, hopefully it is allowed since it is no different from this one. And is going to have the real details of the drawing.

The story: During an on going adventure Rick and Morty are being chased by multiple alien races of bureaucrats. After a quick thought up plan Rick manages to get rid of them... by nearly killing them off.

In a dark dimension where Death's interdimentional entity lives keeping "the order side" in order receives a wave of more alien souls, ruining the line of already in-wait souls. Knowing Rick was responsible for the disorder Death got to creating a plan to get rid of Rick for good. He writes down on a plain green chalk board Rick and Morty's "weaknesses". Once done he gets started by recruiting evil Morty.

In the evil Morty's reality he rules the school with an iron fist (something like that, everyone is nice or normal, while evil Morty and others are mean). Death talks to him in private inside one of the boy's restroom about his plan to eliminate Rick and Morty. He gets evil Morty to take up his part in it by being in charge of eliminating Morty to get revenge for what happened before.

When Rick and Morty go off on another adventure on a school day, evil Morty poses as the real one. During his stay he tries really hard to be nice; he had to fight himself to keep a smile on his face. After luring Jessica from the public's eye, he ties her up and transports both of them to Death's world. That night when Morty got to his room he finds a hologram message device on his bed.

After seeing and hearing what evil Morty did, Morty got a few weapons from the garage despite being told to go to Death's world unarmed to save Jessica. He finds a teleporting watch Rick had made and uses it. After taking out a few monsters, transportated by a scorpion-roach he saved, he reaches Death's tower like factory.

After losing a fight with evil Morty the real Morty gets captured and is told of Death's plan. When working on a new invention in the garage another hologram message is teleported to Rick. After seeing Morty and Jessica tied up and hearing what Death was going to do Rick got prepared. He then tells the family about what has happened. Rick and Summer go through portals asking for Rick's friends for help; most of which turn him down. Beth and Jerry stay behind to wait for Rick's signal to send ammunitions through a portal.

Once getting Birdperson to join in, Rick and Summer make it into the alien ship Unity resides in. Rick tries his best to convince Unity to helping him after apologizing for how he has acted with her the years before. The two then leave without Unity onwards to Death's world. Meanwhile, Morty was able to free himself, but gets captured moments before Death moved out to face Rick, trying to free Jessica.

The meeting takes place in an open area, Death and evil Morty rode on an Octo-mammoth, as it held Morty and Jessica. Death tells Rick why it did what it did and a battle begins when Death summons mini hooded beings from the ground. As ammunition for the weapons ran low Rick new there was no way in winning. Unity shows up as a spec ops blue alien.

Using other male and female alien soldiers she turns the tide. Death and evil Morty retreat in an nearby forest close to Death's home. Evil Morty gets left behind and is confronted by Morty. The fight then goes near a cliff where evil Morty falls down in after letting go of Morty's hand. Near being defeated by Death Rick is saved by the alien Unity was using by taking the energy blast that would've killed Rick.

They both reconcile and make up before the alien dies. Rick then finishes off Death at a high balcony of the tower. He reunites with his grand kids, Birdperson and Unity in another blue alien body. Once back on Earth, Morty teleports Jessica back to her home where they make their relationship official *wink wink*. Morty teleports to Blitz and Chitz where the family and friends spent the afternoon.

Shiro Shinobi: “Victory for Team Avatar! What appeared to be a normal stay at Omashu soon turned into an amazing battle. After freeing himself from imprisonment, Ronin is confronted by Xersi and Xi’Lee responsible for having led the Dragon Brothers’ army to Omashu. When it all seemed over for a few of the friends, Tenzin, Jinora and Korra showed up just in the last second to save the day. With all the victories against the Dragon Brothers’ army across the nations, it looks like Team Avatar and the United Forces are sure to come out victorious.”


*Book: Strength Chapter 11: The Upper Hand*


Above the forest below the cliffs that held the Eastern Air the airship ascended towards it. There was a bit of mist in the forest, the sun was almost at the top of the sky. A few clouds were hardly visible. Inside the airship Korra paced around thinking of how close she is going to regain her past Avatars. Everyone else watched her, but understood what she was going through.

     “You should stop and sit down Korra, you’ve been like that all morning--- well the whole trip actually.”

Korra almost didn’t hear Asami but did stop pacing, “I know, I am still finding it to believe after all these years I will be getting all the past Avatars back. Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, everyone.”

     “I know, but you need to relax.” Asami said smiling.

 “You’re right.” Korra sat down beside her after she and Kyria moved to the right of the couch.

    “She’s right. Relax Korra. We ‘ll soon be at the Air Temple and once you’re given the lost temple’s location, we’ll get rid of the Dragon Brother’s army for good.”

   “Bolin has got a point. There’s nothing to worry about Korra, consider it all done.” Mako added to ease Korra.

 “You all are right, I should just relax.” Korra then turned her head left and right as if searching, “Hey, where’s Kai and Jinora? And Varrick and Zhu Li?”

Tenzin immediately jumps in his set as if startled, “That is true, where are they?” Everyone stares at him, “Well, we’re going to be arriving soon and we don’t want to waste time searching for them.”

  “I believe they’re outside on top of the airship.” Ronin replied.


     Outside Jinora and Kai were telling each other of their time away before reuniting in Omashu.

         “Wow, you were very brave to have attacked Koh in order to help Korra and your father.”

        “It was scary at first knowing what he was capable of doing.”

         “I’m at least glad you came back safely.”

Jinora smiled blushing a bit.

“Jinora? Kai?” Tenzin poked from the hatch looking around for the two benders.

        “Over here dad.”

He walked on over to them, “I wanted you two to know you should get anything you’re going to take with you when we land.”

        “OK, we’ll be right down. Come on Kai.”

Jinora grabs his hand to help him up and off they went past Tenzin. Tenzin watched as they went down the hatch. He then turned to see the Air Temple as the airship got closer.

            “We have arrived to the Eastern Air Temple.” Captain Mharu announced.

Everyone followed Korra as she got up immediately to see. After the airship landed Korra didn’t hesitate to start off to the statue sanctuary.

 “Come on guys, we have to hurry.”

She anxiously waited at the entrance. Once at the sanctuary she looked around the massive room with all the past Avatars, “Where do I go? Ummi said to stand in the center of the sanctuary.”

Korra stood in the center where the spiral on the floor came to an end. She calmly inhaled and exhaled having put her fist together as she concentrated. She stood there for a few seconds, but nothing happened.

 “Why’s nothing happening? I’m at the place Ummi said Kuruk had been.”

“Ummi wasn’t too clear on what we should do, but let’s not worry, the way will present itself.”

   “We’re here Korra, we should take time and figure this out.” Mako pointed out.

 “Right, but we don’t know how much time we have before the spirit army takes over.” She snapped at him.

Mako raised his hands up and took two steps back, “Alright, relax, I’m sure you’ll find the way to getting the Avatars back.”

Opal looked around as if trying to finish something, “There has to be some of obvious place in here for to stand on or something that will give you the Avatars.”

    “What about asking the air acolytes? Maybe they’ll know what to do.” Bolin happily suggested.

“No I doubt they have any knowledge of what we’re trying to do here. Let’s look around for anything that clearly would look like the Avatar would use to contact the past lives as Opal said.”

And with that everyone walked around searching. Meanwhile, alongside of the airship Varrick worked on an invention, even though it was just junk welded together. Zhu Li and Captain Mharu watched as he finished.

          “There, it’s done!”

            “And what is it?” The Captain questioned as he looked at it weirdly.

          “The invention that will help in this war and restore the economy. Not to mention bring in more money for more research and investments.”

The Captain turned to Zhu Li whom also wasn’t convinced by what Varrick created then they both turned back at him.

            “What does that thing even do?”

          “Why it… it… does this!”

Varrick turned a small valve, which caused the junk to start shaking as a bit of steam started to shoot out from parts of it. Zhu Li immediately got up and took it from Varrick’s hand. She tossed it over the cliff’s side and nearly after three seconds it exploded. The smoke then rose up from the edge.

          “So that’s what it does, well I should start on another one.”

Just when Varrick puts the welding mask Zhu Li raises it up, “No more inventions that explode! Let’s just take it easy for now, we have a lot of time to come up with something.”

Varrick took a breath and exhaled as he took off the welding mask off his head, “You’re right. This is one of the reasons I’m glad to have you.”

Zhu Li kisses Varrick as they headed and sat on lawn chairs.

          “So Captain, how long have you been a pilot?”

            “About thirty years. I’ve taken all sorts of jobs here and there, but nothing like this one. On one of my jobs I met my wife who is also a pilot.” He then takes out a photo of himself with his wife and son who was between them and hands it to Varrick.

          “Wow, who would have thought our Captain was a married man, congratulations.”

           “How long have you two been married?” Zhu Li was curious to know as Varrick gave the photo to Captain Mharu.

            “Twenty-three years and still going strong.”

           “How often do you get to see your family in this job?”

            “It takes a couple weeks at times before we’re together. I actually spent some time with my wife on Kyoshi Island after helping the naval forces. She took a job transporting tourist.”

            “It is good to know you get see her even on the job.”

             “Yes. After I’m done helping Ms. Sato and her friends, my wife and I are going to retire. Our son is going to be an airship Captain not long after we begin our retirement.”

           “You must be very proud of him I bet.”

             “Yes, my wife and I truly are.”

Back within the statue sanctuary everyone else continued with the search. They looked behind pillars, on the walls, but found nothing.

 “This is so frustrating! Why can’t I contact the Avatars?!”

“Everything is going to be alright Korra, we just need to think about this.”

As Tenzin thought for a moment, Asami got an idea, “What if Korra goes in the Avatar state?”

 “You’re right. I’m sure Avatar Kuruk must have done the same thing when he thought he lost the link to the Avatars.” Korra takes a breath, “OK, here I go.”

She had closed her eye and she opened her eyes they glowed for a few seconds. But to her dismay nothing happened.

    “Is that it?” Bolin asked.

Korra tried to see if she could contact any of the past Avatars, which she showed did not happen as well. Tenzin as well as everyone else saw her disappointment.

“We have enough time to think this through.” Tenzin places his right hand on her left shoulder to reassure her, “We’ll find a way. The library is bound to be of great help.”

Korra nodded her head as she looked down.

        “We’re here for you Korra, we won’t give up.” Jinora comforted Korra as they all left the sanctuary.

As Ronin was about to exit he sensed the statue’s eyes glow for a brief moment and turned around but saw nothing. He continued on his way unassured of what he had felt.

     “Are you OK Ronin?” Asami asked as she saw Ronin was thinking of something.

  “Nothing, just thought the statues did something just now”

     “Like what?”

  “I don’t know, but must have been nothing.”

They continued behind the rest.


That night Korra was the only one awake in her room while everyone slept. She tossed and turned as the thoughts going through her head of failing were keeping her awake. Finally after tiring of them and hitting both sides of the bed at once with her fists, she got up to leave her room. Korra then walked down the halls using a lantern to light her way. As she passed Mako’s room’s door, he woke up to see the light shining through the bottom.

He got up and quietly opened the door. After seeing Korra take a right down the hall he followed her. As they went outside two acolytes who were put on night watch were headed towards Korra’s direction. She noticed their lantern’s light at a small distance. After blowing out the flame in her lantern she hid in some bushes. Mako saw why she hid and went behind a couple of bamboos. Once the acolytes passed him he went back on the trail.

He looked for Korra where she had hid, but found no sign of her, “I know where she’s bound to be.”

Mako stood outside the statue sanctuary for a brief moment and entered. As he got near the massive room with the statues Mako could see a light reflecting on the floor and on some of the statues. He peeks behind the side of the frame to the room and sees Korra attempting to regain the Avatars by going into the Avatar state again, but her attempts were not fruitful. She then drops to her knees and sobs.

Mako then comes out of hiding and silently approaches Korra to comfort her, “Korra.”

She gets startled a little bit then tries to wipe away the stream left by tears, “Oh, it’s you Mako.”

   “Are you OK?” He sits down to the right of her.

 “I’m fine, I just couldn’t sleep.”

After seconds of silence Korra confessed, “But then it’s obvious I’m not fine.”

   “You should try to get some sleep”

 “How can I? The world is in danger again and it would seem after all I’ve experienced as well as learned I would have done more by now. Even though I know I have Raava back, I still feel, alone. Without the past Avatar’s guidance I can’t do anything.”

Tears began to build in her eyes. Mako turned her head gently slightly to him, “Look, I don’t know much about needing your past avatars for guidance. But what I do know is as long as you have the people who care about you, they will help you in finding the right path and hopefully guide you to what you are looking for. We’re all here for you Korra, and we’re not going to leave you.”

Korra smiled warmly as she stared at Mako. As she wiped the tears from her left eye the statues eyes began to glow, this time they stayed glowing. Korra and Mako watched in amazement as they stood up. The two acolytes saw the blue light shining from the sanctuary and quickly ran to tell Tenzin. Once outside his door they knocked hard on it calling for him.

Tenzin gets up and opens the door, “What? What is it?” Tenzin asked tiredly.

             “Master Tenzin, you must come quickly, something is happening in the sanctuary.”

Bolin and Opal along with everyone else came out of their rooms to see what was going on.

    “What is all the commotion?” Bolin asked half asleep.

“Something is happening within the statue sanctuary. Where’s Korra?”

Ronin knocked on the door to her room. When he opened he saw there was no one inside, “She’s not here.”

“Then she must be at the sanctuary. Let’s go.”

Everybody quickly headed down the hall.

      “Hey Bolin where’s Mako?”

    “I don’t see him. Maybe he’s with Korra.”

Back in the sanctuary, Korra and Mako slowly walked around watching the statues until they got back to Roku’s and Aang’s statue.

 “I don’t understand, why is this happening now?”

              “It is because you found that it really wasn’t us you needed to help guide you. The people you love and care for as they do for you will always be the ones there for you, to help truly guide you.”


Aang’s spirit came out of the statue of himself smiling.

 “How is it you’re here?”

             “Even though it seemed that Vaatu had destroyed us, he did not count on the Air Temple serving as a sanctuary for the Avatar’s spirit when severed from Raava. Here we remained in wait to be reunited you.”

Roku then emerges from his statue, “We have sensed the world is indeed in great danger, now it is time to reconnect to make the Avatar’s spirit whole again. But never forget what you had been seeking was always there through your love ones.”

All the Avatar spirits came out of their statues. Starting with Wan they place their right hand on each other’s right shoulder. And once it came to Aang he placed his hand on Korra’s left shoulder. Korra then goes into the Avatar state as Raava appears on her torso and she began to float upward. Everybody else ma sanctuary just as all the Avatars then flew into her making Raava’s light glow brighter that even Mako needed to cover his. Once they all went into Korra she slowly came back down on her feet. Mako immediately runs to Korra to catch her as she loses her balance and nearly falls on the floor as she partially laid on the floor with her eyes closed.

   “Korra? Korra? Are you alright?”

Korra slowly opens her eyes and sits up, “Yes, I’m fine.”

“Korra, what happened?” Tenzin asked as he ran to them followed by everyone whom were concerned and surrounded Korra.

 “The Avatar spirits, they’re a part of Raava and I again.”

       “So that means you can contact them all. Even Avatar Hanso whom sealed the Dragon Brothers.” Opal pointed out.

    “That is true. Now you contact Avatar Hanso to get the location of the lost temple.” Bolin added.

 “That is true, I should contact him now,” Korra sat down and got into the meditative position and focused on contacting Hanso’s spirit, “Avatar Hanso, I need your help.”

Hanso’s spirit floated out from her a small distance in a meditative position as well facing Korra, “What is it that you seek young Avatar?”

 “The Dragon Brothers’ army has been released and have been attacking people all over the mainland. I need to know where the temple you had built to seal the Dragon Brothers away is located.”

              “If you know the story, then you know why it was very vital for the temple to be lost; even I had to forget its location. But I can tell you the area you’re bound to find it is near the west of the river north of the Serpent’s Pass. If they have been released you must be rid of them now or the same thing will happen again. But be careful, if the army has indeed risen it obviously means so have the Dragon Brothers. Lying in wait to gain their energies, making them more dangerous now than they were in life. Know that they will never stop trying to accomplish their goal of dominating the four nations. Best fortune to you and all who aid you Korra.”

Korra stands up off the floor. Tenzin approaches her to see what she was told, “What did Avatar Hanso tell you?”

“He told me the temple is located west of the river north of the Serpent’s Pass. We’ve got to stop the Dragon Brothers before they regain their strengths.”

“Then we leave first light tomorrow morning. I’ll send Suyin a messenger hawk letting her know where she and the metal benders can start looking.”

 As everyone headed out of the sanctuary Korra stopped Mako as they were in the back of the group, “I wanted to thank you, for helping me.”

   “It was nothing. As I said, I would help you whenever you need it.”

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moments and headed out.

On the dawn of the next day everyone was finishing resupplying the airship. There was a cool breeze in the warm morning with no clouds yet in the sky.

Tenzin had sent the message out to Suyin and was returning to see how everyone was doing, “Suyin is bound to receive the message in three day or four. What will you all do next?”

     “Wait, aren’t you coming with us?”

“No. Jinora, Kai and I will be headed back to the Western Air Temple to check on Pema and the kids.”

 “Well, have a safe trip you three. We’ll send word out when we find the temple.”

“You all do the same. I’ll get back to you all soon.”

A few minutes later the airship took off as Tenzin, Kai and Jinora flew away on a bison. Inside everyone was sitting around the lounge, but Asami, Zhu Li and Varrick weren’t present.

Korra had remembered something she had wanted to ask Ronin, “Hey Ronin, I been curious to know what the origins of the double bender are.”

 “My teacher told me when I was curious myself. He said long ago, around 400 years after the Avatar had appeared, there was a water bender named Jaiy whom wanted protect the people like the Avatar did. There was a dark spirit Hashiro that was terrorizing his village. As much as the benders including Jaiy tried to defeat him, they could not. Unfortunately, the Avatar could not come to their aid since the Avatar had not been found.

It wasn’t until he came across one of the many light spirits Raava had created named Yuoh and released into the world to keep the balance of good and evil all around the world. They had travelled a long way hoping to find a way to get rid of Hashiro. They came across a Lion Turtle whom had old ruins on his back and had gave Yuoh the ability to bend fire before he passed away having lived so many years.”

“That must’ve have been one of the Lion Turtles who were around to give Avatar Wan one of his first elements.”

 “Avatar Wan?”

“He was the first Avatar that began the cycle.”

 “Well, as soon as they were ready they headed back to the village to confront Hashiro.  The village people had been tormented during Jaiy’s absence, but they never stopped defending themselves. Jaiy and Yuoh arrived when the villagers were fighting Hashiro. Despite what they tried, they were hardly beating Hashiro. They knew Yuoh would have to be inside Jaiy in order to really attack Hashiro with both elements at once. During the battle, they would have to separate and come together, which was leaving Jaiy weak.

Hashiro had gotten desperate and blasted a whole lot of his spirit energy at them while they were together. The energy had caused Jaiy to have the ability to bend both elements even after Yuoh wasn’t in him. Not long after that battle they manage to drive Hashiro away from the village. Yuoh and Jaiy had parted ways not long after that. After a few years Jaiy would be the teacher for the Avatar and they would help bring balance to the world whenever peace was threatened through the years.”

      “Wow that is an amazing origin.” Opal complimented.

 “Well I’m sure it’s not as impressive as the Avatar’s origin.”

As Korra told Wan’s story in a medium sized engine room Asami and Varrick were working on a design that would help Varrick on all he’d promised his business partners. The designs were of a new submarine with all sorts of new features that would allow it to be under water longer.

    “Are you sure you’ll want the submarine to be the product?”

        “Are you kidding? This will be perfect! Imagine traveling under the surface and seeing all the life beneath. It’ll be great for transportation in secret and can even be used to attract tourists.”

         “He’s right, it’ll be great to restore areas ruined from the recession.”

    “But how are you going to get the prints to one of your factories to start getting a production line going?”

        “I have one in Ba Sing Se. We’ll be able to see how a prototype does since we’ll be testing it. I knew you were just the right person to get things rolling again.”

    “Well if we’re done here I’ll be joining everyone else now.”

Asami walked out of the room and headed to the lounge where everybody else was.

After a day’s travel the airship reached the outer wall of Ba Sing Se, a few hours before noon. But looking further down to the left of the outer wall there were construction crews on top and at the bottom of the wall reconstructing it. Everyone quickly went to the left side of the airship to see for themselves.

“Looks like the army is growing bolder. They must have attacked sometime after Tenzin, Jinora and I left.”

  “I wouldn’t worry Korra, you’ll soon put an end to these attacks.” Mako said as he stuck his out the window.

After getting off the airship everyone was on a tourist truck. There were ten seats, five were back to back so everyone could see outside from the side they were facing. They were all heading to Kyria’s home in the middle ring. But first Mako, Bolin had to go see their family at their new home.

   “This is it.” Bolin had told the driver through the back window.

The bus had stopped near an intersection that would lead to the entrance of the middle circle where Mako, Bolin and Opal got off.

     “Here’s my address so you all can meet up with us later in the evening.” Kyria handed a piece of paper to Mako.

  “Thanks.” Mako puts the paper in his pocket.

“Well I guess we’ll see each other later.” Korra said shyly.

   “We sure will, I bet everyone’s going to be happy to meet Opal.” Bolin intervened holding Opal hand.

      “Well let’s hurry then Bolin, I been wanting to meet them.”

   “Let’s go.”

They both left in a hurry down the road towards the new home followed by Mako. After a few minutes the bus passes through the middle circle’s entrance. A couple of blocks from it reaches Kyria’s home. A two story home with a lawn big enough it had a garage on the side near the home where Kyria’s father stores tools, as well as worked on machines inside it.

Varrick and Zhu Li stayed inside the bus, “Hopefully you don’t mind Kyria, Zhu Li and I will join you all later. We need to go drop off these blue prints to one of my factories near the other side of the city within the inner ring.”

     “OK, we’ll be here of course.”

After the bus left, Kyria’s mother comes walking in a fast pace out of the home happy to see Kyria arrive, “Kyria! You’re finally home!” She said with so much joy and hugs her, “These must be your new friends.”

     “Yes, this is Korra, Ronin and Asami.”

         “Oh you’re Asami. Kyria has told me a lot about you in her letter. Well, I am Yune, Kyria’s mother I’m sure you already know. Please all of you come in, you must be tired from all that traveling.”

As the night drew closer, everyone else who departed for personal matters began to arrive. As the light slowly disappeared behind the horizon Ronin watched two spirit rabbits play around in the backyard as he stopped walking by a window.

    “What are you looking at?”

 “Nothing, just seeing the spirits outside running around.”

    “Is there something on your mind?”

 “Can’t believe starting tomorrow I’ll be able to see how everyone in the village are doing.”

Asami put her left hand on Ronin’s shoulder, “Yes, if you find peace when go there seeing everyone doing well, we’ll miss having you around. You been a great help and friend to all of us.”

Ronin places his left hand on hers, “I will miss all of you too. Well ,we should be getting back with everyone.”

They walked down the hall and joined everyone else in the living room having a good time laughing.

Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 11
Man long time since I posted a chapter. The reason for that was due to to the lack of motivation and inspirations, which were due to the past "battle" over trying to get a certain job: I am not the only one with the story of how I got intentionally screwed over by a false misdiagnosis by a doctor ruining/ delaying chances of making one's life's dreams come true slowly, but surely. In the end, they "won" the battle by cheating, literally using every damn excuse after excuse they could get on me from my previous visit to their facility to not get employed. Never tell anyone you can't point fingers at someone whom you think is responsible for your down fall, because really, the people of the facility literally condemn to rot in the city I live in with no real opportunities. But so long as I am alive, who says I quit?

Any way, here it is the new chapter. And hopefully if I get to enter in the Rick and Morty contest, I will get another chapter rolling after. Course
Which one of my drawings from the Legend of Old folder should I make a painting next?


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R. J. S.
United States
I like to draw most of the time. Looking foward to becoming a video game designer further on. Course I do random types of art, cause doing the same thing over and over gets real boring.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Rap, R&B, metal, techno, trance, punk, hip-hop, new age, industrial
Favourite style of art: Any kind, as long as it catches my eye.
MP3 player of choice: black cover
Skin of choice: as it is, duh

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