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                          The Ordain Society: What Lies Beneath

In a new world where humans are no longer the only beings walking the earth, Ordain Society investigators are bound to have cases of crimes committed by non-humans as well. But, what if beings from another plane of existence are responsible for the disappearing of many people? A young OS Agent Alice Verighue has grown interested in a case that hadn’t been touched for many years. After getting approval it is up to her to find the cause of or the party responsible for the missing people. Alice soon finds that there is an outer force at work as she experiences supernatural occurrences; most of all she is stalked by a spirit of a young girl. The more she investigates Alice finds the case to be linked with other missing person cases causing the count rise.

It soon starts to take a toll as the occurrences intensify as Alice starts to connect the evidence to a home that has had history with a few of the disappearing families that lived within it. She also discovers that maybe there is more to her and what she is capable of becoming as the case begins to consume her. Her best bet is to investigate the property, mainly from what the evidence points, beneath it. The only way to end the darkness that surrounds her is to gather all the courage she has left, along with the help of a notorious criminal who is bound to be the next victim and find out what disturbing motive lies beneath…
The Ordain Society: What Lies Beneath DLC Synopsis
I remember I had a very interesting dream or nightmare. It really looked like a movie that was produced by the makers of Insidious. I hadn't been working much on my future video game idea that is a trilogy, the second part involving "the other world", which is of spiritual being. I thought since (if it ever gets made) you play multiple characters aside from the protagonist, why not have a DLC for this one featuring someone else?
I had to write down the part of the story I dreampt about, so later once in the video game industry it could be made. Really was a freaky dream, how it all made sense with the whole watching the OS Agent Alice do her investigation and getting down to what lies beneath the home... haha.
Road To The Apeleigh by Legendary41
Road To The Apeleigh
After seeing a "how to paint" vid on YT, I got to making this scenery I've had for some time in my head. It's acrylic on canva-paper 16x14". Another scenery for my future game A Legend of Old.

On top of the mountain-…

Shiro Shinobi: “After battling the spirit army in Zaofu, Asami gets an urgent request letter from General Iroh. The United Forces are trying to build a large radio tower to regain communications in Omashu. But the spirit army has been making it impossible. As Team Avatar heads to Omashu, Korra arrives at Chow’s home only to receive a letter herself from Mako stating they will be in Omashu. Korra then post pones her trip to the Eastern Temple to help her friends in Omashu and to finally reunite with them.”

*Book: Strength Chapter 10: In The Heat of The Moment*

It was a few minutes before noon, the airship flew above a mountainous desert. The sun was shining very bright its reflecting on the golden brown sand below. Inside the airship Opal was using a paper fan to keep herself cool as she sat at the dining table. Kai, Ronin, the two brothers and Kyria also sat at the table whom were also sat at the table whom were also feeling the weather. There were three electric fans surrounding them, but just weren’t enough to beat the heat.

     “Ugh, I can’t stand this weather, and to think Omashu is located around here.” Opal complained.

       “Not to mention we’re going to be there for a few days. I’m going up on the airship and see if the wind can help against this heat.” Kai got up and headed for the ladder.

 “How much more until we arrive Asami?” Kyria turned to her right to see her.

She was also using a paper fan as she stood by an open window looking at the land below hardly getting a breeze, “From what I calculated, just a couple more minutes, or at least when we’re past the mountain ahead. I don’t know, it’s hard to think with all this heat.” Asami walks to sit at the table.

Varrick and Zhu Li step in with a portable fan that required one to squeeze the handle to get it to spin.

  “What is that Varrick?”

       “It’s a new invention to beat this darn heat! Made it in the engine room since it was cool. It’s a good thing there’s sprinklers showering the men from above even though the water isn’t cool enough. That place is just as hot as it is here. How can people stand living all the way out here in a place like this?” He then notices Captain Mharu a bit stiff with a humped back as to really concentrate on flying the airship, “Hey Asami, our Captain doesn’t look to good, looks like the heat is getting to him.”

Asami turns to look at Captain Mharu whom definitely was looking not so well. She gets up and walks up behind him, “Captain, are you OK?”

He was as Varrick described. His eyes were squinting as he maintain the wheel steady. The only thing he had to keep him cool was a small electric fan aiming down at him from above, “I’m alright ma’am. I’ve been through this inferno desert.” He started to mumble nonsensical words as he wipes off the sweat off his forehead setting his hat back after.

   “OK, just wanted to make sure. Should you need anything just let me know.” Asami backed off cautiously and headed back to her friends at the table.

  “So, um, what is going to be our strategy, plan, whatever it is when we arrive at Omashu?” Bolin asked.

   “Well, I don’t really have one, I’m sure General Iroh will have one with something for us to do. Hopefully it’ll be to help finish that radio tower he has the army the building.”

        “Omashu up ahead!” Captain Mharu yelled out through the speakers to inform the whole airship crew.

Everyone was happy to hear and all get up heading to the front of the airship. There they saw the massive city. The tops of it being the first to poke out far away from behind the mountain, one with a huge tower signal on top. More and more of the buildings are came into view. There was more land outside the city’s walls that clearly had been earth bended to expand the city mainly from the back and sides. As the airship got closer everyone could see that the United Forces were camped outside and up on the walls. The ship was then allowed to land within the city walls in a wide clear area built for airships to land. As the airship was being tied down, General Iroh and the King of Omashu walked towards the airship with a few servers holding umbrellas to shade the King from the sun. The King’s guards lined up on the sides of the path facing one another standing still with unique spears at their sides. Everyone disembark the airship still feeling the heat, stretching to feel better.

“Am I glad to be out of that airship.” Ronin stretched to feel better.

      “I was outside for little while, the air was so dry it hardly cooled me down at all.” Kai added as he felt exhausted.

         “I hope you all didn’t have too much trouble getting here?” General Iroh asked.

   “No, though the weather is unbearable.”

         “This is the King of Omashu, King Shai.”

   “It’s an honor to meet you.” Asami bowed.

Bolin steps up to ask a question, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I thought the states were free from all Monarchy?”

Asami puts her hand to her face having heard Bolin’s question.

          “When the Earth Queen had fallen and later with Prince Wu getting rid of the Monarchy, I also held an election to see if the people would also wanted to get rid of the Monarchy and establish a new form of government. But in the end they didn’t mind Omashu being a Monarchy. As my grandfather King Boomi would have it for his descendants to reign fair, justly and maintain the peace.” King Shai kindly answered.

General Iroh looked at the group and saw Korra wasn’t among them, “Where’s Korra? I thought she would have been with you all by now?”

 “We were supposed to meet up in Ba Sing Se, but had received your message before we were going to leave Zaofu. Your message seemed urgent, so we decided to come here instead.”

          “Does the Avatar know of your current location?”

Mako steps up to answer, “I had sent a message out to my cousin in Ba Sing Se since it was at his home we were going to rendezvous.”

   “You messaged Korra before we left? Why didn’t you tell me?” Asami was a bit mad having heard what Mako did.

 “I just didn’t get the right moment to let you know, sorry.”

King Shai could feel there was tension rising between the two, “We should get moving to the palace you all are without doubt exhausted from your trip. You’ll be able to relax when we get there.” He willingly invited.

Asami sighed and nodded her head away from Mako as she followed the King and General Iroh. Mako sighed as he looked at the ground.

    “Don’t worry about her Mako. I’ll talk to her, see if I can calm her down.” Kyria offers.

 “Yeah thanks.”

Asami walks alongside General Iroh to discuss, “So what is it exactly you want us to do.”

          “Well I had hoped Korra was with you all since she can get rid of spirits with her Avatar abilities. But there will be something for you all nonetheless. For now you all should rest it has been a long trip I imagine.”

After leaving the airship landing zone everyone had stopped at an ice cream shop and sit in the patio to enjoy their refreshments.

       “Ah, I really needed this.” Varrick says out loud.

        “Indeed, to think there was such weather.” Zhu Li added.

“I’m up for a little bit of site seeing, how about any of you?” Ronin said looking livelier after having stretched.

     “Bolin and I will probably go later.” Opal replies.

  “Yeah, we been on the airship for so long cooking inside. We need to be in a cool place for a while.”

“What about you Mako? Kai?”

      “I don’t know, I don’t feel like myself with this heat.” Kai then puts his head down.

 “Kai is right. We’ve been in this heat for so long it’s messing with everyone right now.”

     “We’ll see you in the palace or the streets if you’re still out and if we can find you.” Opal assured Ronin.

Everyone else got up and headed to the palace.

“Oh, right, well I’ll be out exploring.”

       “And Zhu Li and I will be making more business partners, meet you all in the palace in the evening.”

Varrick then whistled at an empty rickshaw that pulls over to pick him and Zhu Li up, first holding Zhu Li’s hand so she can get on first, “I hope you like the big city Ronin. To Carvaus Industries please.” The rickshaw then takes off down the road.

“Fine I guess I’ll look around by myself.” Ronin says to himself.

As he turned on a corner of a block he notices a hooded figure in a dark alley way hiding by a building. Ronin silently walks to the spot where the figure had been. When he pounced in hope of catching the hooded figure, he finds no one. He looks around to see if the figure was anywhere in sight, but saw no resemblances of the few people in the alley way. High above in one of the business buildings, Xi’Lee appears by coming out of purple smoke in the center of a balcony and takes off her hood.

Xi’Lee walks to the edge of the balcony where Xersi was looking down at the city, “It seems our friends are here as well now.”

 “Any signs the Avatar is with them?”

“Unfortunately, there is not. I’ll have our greedy friend to gather information for us.”

 “Soon the walls of Omashu will fall giving us more of an advantage of conquering this part of the mainland.”

“What of the dark one that has gotten us far? Has he got any strategic area we have to attack after?”

 “He had returned to our masters’ prison to study more on how to release them.”

“Soon the four nations will finally fall and be conquered.”

They then hear someone come into the dark room and turn around to talk to whom ever came in.

 “Ah, there you are. As you know we have a couple of new special guest in the city and we’ll need you to get close to one of them and find out what they plan to do to repel our forces.”

  “Is the Avatar with them? The Red Lotus is not quite finish with her.”

“Patience, soon all will fall to our hands and you can have the Avatar.”

Meanwhile, Team Avatar relaxed in a lounge. There was a fountain in the back wall with two guest room doors on each side. There was a bar with different shaped bottles containing different colored liquids. Asami was serving herself a drink from one of the red bottles that had a small picture of a prickly fruit. Everyone else relaxed on couches; Bolin with Opal lying on his side in a two cushion couch, Mako stretched out on a long one, as Kyria was on another with three cushions.

Asami turns around with her drink in her left hand, “General Iroh said they haven’t fought off the Dragon Brothers’ army in three days. I do wonder why that is.”

  “They must’ve gotten tired of fighting the United Forces.”

 “I don’t think so Bolin. They probably have fallen back and are planning to attack again.”

    “Not to mention every time we run into the spirit soldiers they’re led by those two benders.” Kyria added.

 “That is true. There’s no telling where they might be. No doubt they could be in the city looking for strategic ways to infiltrate.”

      “Whom are you talking about? What two benders?” Kai asked curious to know.

  “This air and fire bender. They appeared on our way to the Western Air Temple and later at this radio station a few miles from Republic City.”

 “We should go about looking around for any signs of them soon.”

Opal looked around for Varrick and Zhu Li in the lounge, “Hey, where is Varrick and Zhu Li? Weren’t they also invited to the palace as well?”

   “They had some business meetings to attend to, they’ll be with us later in the day.”


In one of the buildings high above Varrick and Zhu Li were finishing a presentation. The room was dark in order to see the slides projected on a wall. There were eight business men and six business women looking and listening to Varrick’s presentation.

“Now I know this recession has put everyone on edge it has made it hard for everyone take profitable opportunities when they come. Zhu Li do the thing.” Zhu Li then turns off the projector and turned the lights back on, “But partner up with Varrick Industries and you’ll be of the many to survive this economic hardship. As we all know there has been spirit army causing trouble all around the world, which has made things more unsettling. But we’re here to assure you there is nothing to worry about when you become a partner with us.” Varrick confidently stated.

  “And what have you planned in order to combat this recession. And from what it sounds, you’re going to try to be a part of the spirit army threat?” The CEO at the other end of the long table asked.

Varrick puts a blank look on his face and then confidently replies, “Of course I do. It will help the United Forces get the upper hand on those spirit soldiers. And did I mention I am personal friends with the Avatar? She has the ability to get rid of spirits with her Avatar powers. She’ll help eliminate the threat in no time.” He pauses for a second, “Zhu Li can tell you about it.”

All the business men and women turn to her.

 “Yes, the Avatar has the ability to get rid of spirits. Avatar Korra did defeat the great force of evil during Harmonic Convergence using her spirit knowledge.”

  “And is Avatar Korra is going to be a part of your plan to stabilize the economy and to defeat the spirit army problem in our city as well?” The CEO asked in a curious way.

“W-why yes. It may not be the Avatar’s job to fix the world’s economy, but after telling her of my ingenious plan, she saw it as an opportunity to get rid of this recession in the process.”

The business people talked among themselves, a few showing disapproving face while the rest were showing interest.

  “Well let’s put it to a vote. Anyone whom are not convinced with Varrick’s proposal, which could not only save your businesses in these hard times, but also be fruitful should the recession come to an end, are free to leave this room.” After the CEO said this, three men and two women gather their things and leave, “Here are your new partners Varrick. We trust you’ll help us rise again.”

“Thank you all for joining Varrick Industries, I promise you won’t be let down.”


In the evening Varrick and Zhu Li were at the palace with everyone else.

       Varrick was feeling a bit panicky, “Come on Asami I know you’ve got something. I know you have something up your sleeve to combat this recession?”

   “Sorry Varrick, but even my company has been suffering as well.”

       “I made promises, told them I had a plan that’ll fix the economy and also defeat that spirit army in the process.”

   “Well that’s your problem. You shouldn’t have made promises you can’t keep.”

        “I warned him about it, but you know Varrick.” Zhu Li added.

Varrick sat on a couch to calm down and think, “Alright, I just need to calm down and think. Where have you all encountered the Dragon Brothers’ army?”

  “All over the mainland, going to the Western Air Temple and while traveling down the southern coast. We helped save part of the United Forces’ armada.” Bolin informed him.

Varrick was curious about what Bolin had told them, “Saved the armada from the army, how?”

  “They rode on dark spirits attacking from above using their bending.” Bolin made jesters with his hands to show what the soldiers had done.

       “They can use their bending? But they’re spirits.”

 “Well it sure didn’t take away the fact that they can still bend the elements to attack us.” Mako replies.

Zhu Li got curious of the situation they had faced, “And how did the fleet hold against the attack?”

   “Not so good. Even the air planes couldn’t stay in the air long with the soldiers on dark spirits.” Asami described.

        “That’s not good indeed. How will they fight off any future attacks? Especially since they know the importance of communications.”

After Kyria got something for her to drink she sat on a couch to join in the conversation, “I’ve been concerned as to how they know that as well. Whom could’ve told them about how we use it.”

 “You’re right Kyria. For being an army that existed over six-thousand years ago they sure know a lot. I even doubt Xersi and Xi’Lee have been around long enough to find out how it all works.” Mako added.

Asami then realized Ronin had not been with the group for a while, “Hey, has anyone seen Ronin? We haven’t seen him since we left the ice cream shop have we?”

      “That is true, it’s not like him to be away from us long. We should go search for him before it gets dark. The sun shouldn’t be a problem anymore.”


The sun was close to setting as the gang searched for Ronin. They met up at an intersection to regroup coming all four directions.

   “Where could he have gone?” Asami was worried as she saw no one had come back with him.

 “Don’t worry about him Asami he’s bound to show up somewhere, besides who’d be able to take on a double bender?” Mako tries to comfort her.

Then a loud siren sounded around the city.

     “What is that?” Opal asked.

  “Whatever it is it doesn’t sound like anything good is about to happen.” Bolin replied still looking around.

Everyone looked around wanting to see what was going on. The people on the sidewalks then immediately rush into buildings, others under small bridges where there were hidden passages to take refuge. Drivers abandoned their vehicles on the streets to hide as well.

On top of the outer wall by the gates General Iroh showed up to see the Dragon Brothers’ army advancing towards the city on the bridge. The United Forces below bended a tall thick wall a good distance from the gates. The soldiers take positions on top and in front of it as the soldiers above the city’s walls aimed fire canons and had earth disc on standby to throw. From a clear view on an edge of the one of the roads above, the gang saw the soon to be battle for Omashu to begin.

Within an underground prison cell Ronin wakes up and looks around. Then he hears the battle ensuing with orange lights flashing time to time.

“I have to get out of here.” He said to himself.

Ronin pulls on the chains bound to the stone walls. He knew the chains wouldn’t get loose, so he concentrated and started to bend the stones holding the nails in place. After moving his hands in outward circular motions they were freed. After freeing his feet he removed the door with the metal frame. He looked left and right of the dark hallway and started to head to the right. He then reaches another door to exit the underground going up the stairs. Ronin opens a hidden door that was a book case within one of the business buildings. He hears the battle clearly from the hallway and heads up for one of the rooms onto the balcony to see the United Forces battling the Dragon Brothers’ army at the bridge.

         “What a surprise. We didn’t expect you to be able to escape your cell.” Xersi says standing a small distance from Ronin with Xi’Lee beside him.

Ronin turns around and gets into a stance, “You two. We should’ve known that you led the army here. But why?”

         “The dark one warned us of your allied forces advances and how they were going to construct another tower here. As you know we cannot let that happen.”

          “It also serves as a strategic place to have. And with the desperation of the people here, it was easier to hide amongst them to conquer the city from the inside.” Xi’Lee added.

“Yeah, well you haven’t won just yet.” Ronin then charges at them.


The gang ran down the street still being able to see the battle down below.

 “We have to get down there immediately and help.”

Kai saw one the mail ramps and got an idea, “Hey, we can use those ramps to get down faster Mako.”

The gang then stopped on the side of one of the mail stations nearby that had empty carts.

 “Good thinking Kai, this should get us in the battle site in no time.”

Before they all started to put the empty carts on the ramp Opal notices fire being bended and big rocks being thrown from one of the buildings above not far from them.

     “Guys look! Someone’s fighting over there. It must be Ronin.” She pointed to the building.

   “What are we going to do? We have to help him and the United Forces.”

 “OK, Bolin and I will go help him out. The rest of you should go help the United Forces.” Mako instructed.

      “I want to go with you guys to help.”

Mako didn’t want to waste time talking about it, “Fine, but let’s get a move on.”

The gang divided with the three girls getting onto a cart and head down the ramp.

Meanwhile, Ronin fought off Xersi and Xi’Lee using his fire bending to defend against Xersi attacks and his earth bending to defend against Xi’Lee air bending attacks. Ronin does an evasive roll getting between the two and fire bends to force the two a good distance away from him. Xi’Lee used her air bending forcing her onto the balcony’s stone rails.

          “You don’t stand a chance against us.” Xi’Lee was angry from Ronin’s attack.

Just then Mako, Bolin and Kai appear from behind on a stone platform Bolin was bending to raise them up to the balcony.

 “I think the odds are against you now.” Mako says as Xi’Lee turn to see them.

She then is covered by swirling purple smoke and appears near Xersi both not happy to see the three friends joining the fight.

Ronin was relieved to see his friends showing up, “It’s great to see you guys. I think it won’t be a problem to finally catch these two.”

         “So you would think!” Xersi says as he and Xi’Lee run from the room into the hallway with the four friends chasing after them. They fought down the hallways Xersi moving making Bolin and Ronin expose the pipes in the building also damaging them. The four friends were cautious of Xi'Lee's attacks since she would have sharp ice spears generate on her fingertips. She threw them nearly injuring the friends as the spears passed them either smashing on the walls or sticking to anything of wooden material.

They confront the two villains in a foyer where they continue to battle. Soon the room starts to get engulfed by flames. Xersi and Xi’Lee start to show signs of them weakening by attacking less and getting hit by the elements thrown at them.

 “Give up! It’s over you two.” Mako yelled to them.

          “Nothing’s over you fool! Didn’t you all caught on to the scent in the air on our way here?” Xersi exclaimed as he was breathing heavily recuperating from the openings on his body as well as Xi’Lee.

Kai was closer to the hallway, smelling the air and could tell it was gas, “Guys there’s gas in the air. That’s why he was making you two break down the walls in the hallway, they’re going to blow us up!”

          “If we are bound to go down, we’ll take you all with us.” Xi’Lee grinned.

 “Let’s get out of here!” Mako yelled and everyone ran back up to the hallway.

As they made it back to room they had fought in. Right before the gas caught flame, Xersi and Xi’Lee hold each other to cover themselves. The flames then speed through to the room catching up to the four friends. But as it was about to engulf them, Tenzin appears and forms a huge sphere made of air to protect them all from the explosion. After the fire cleared up everyone stood up all thankful to see Tenzin.

  “Thank you Tenzin, just in time.” Ronin then brushes off the dust on him.

    “How were you able to get here and find us?” Bolin wondered.

“The airship Jinora, Korra and I were on landed a few minutes before we heard the sirens. We immediately headed for the palace when we saw what was happening here and saw the rest of you heading to the battle site.”

Mako then straightened up as if he was shocked, “The gates! We have to get down there and help Korra get rid of the army here.”

      “But how are we going to do that?” Kai pointed out.

Bolin then gets an idea, “I got it! There is a truck with a water tank carrying gallons of water that was abandoned before the attack near here. If we get it to pour all the water down a ramp Korra can use it to get rid of the spirits.”

    “That’s it. Good thinking Bolin.”

“Quickly now we must get moving.”

  “Wait, but how is Korra going to know we’re going to send the water down? She’ll have to bend the earth to connect it to the walls the walls.” Ronin asked.

        “I’ll go Ronin. I can fly down there and let her know so she can prepare for it.” Kai volunteered.

“Right, go quickly Kai. Be careful on your down.”

As everyone ran to the truck Kai jumped off the edge the small wall on the side of the side and flew down the battle site. As he neared the giant walls, he dodged flying boulders that were burning. He spots the five girls whom were assisting, but Asami and Kyria were on the other end of the wall. General Iroh was fire bending on top of the wall with other soldiers as he gave orders on a walky talky.

Jinora notices Kai coming down for a landing, “Kai!” She happily called out as she ran to hug him, “I’m so happy to see you.”

        “It’s great to see you too.”

 “What are you doing here Kai?”

        “Everyone back in the city is going to be sending a large amount of water for you to defeat the spirit army. But you’ll need to bend some earth to connect it to the ramp so it can come down.”

 “Really?! Let’s go then, the United Force won’t be able to hold the soldiers off for long.”

Korra, Kai, and Jinora fly on top of the city wall where Kai pointed to the ramp where the water was going to be coming down in.

 “Alright, stand back.”

Korra’s eyes glow for a brief moment and bends an empty strip of land between buildings. She connects it to the ramp forming it like it to insure the water doesn’t spill out. Up above Ronin and Bolin had bended the side of the road including the side walk to get the water truck next to the ramp.

Mako looked down the ramp with binoculars and spots Korra bending earth to create a ramp leading to the city wall, “I see them, they’ve extended the ramp so Korra can get the water over the wall. Bolin open the tank.” Mako then gets out of the way.

    “Right!” Bolin then lava bends a flat piece of earth and cuts off the lower back end of the tank. All the water then pours down the ramp heading fast towards the wall.

        “Here it comes!” Kai yelled from the wall.

The water then goes over there wall and is caught by Korra’s water bending. It all collects in the air forming a sphere that got bigger as more water came down. As Korra collected the water, General Iroh, Jinora and the soldiers started to fall back behind the wall they bended, which was starting to fall apart due to the attacks upon it.

General Iroh sees Korra collecting the water, “Korra, we won’t be able to hold off the spirit army. You must defeat them now.” He exclaimed.

 “Korra that’s all of it.” Kai yelled from the wall.

Korra then goes into the Avatar state, using her air bending to fly over the troops carefully as she went towards the Dragon Brother’s army with the water. She then does some jesters with her arms making a stream of water float passing the massive spirit army circling it and finally making a water ring around it. Korra then moves her arms in circular motion to start making the water glow. The spirit soldiers stop advancing and are frozen on their tracks. The soldiers then started to glow from their feet up to their heads until they started to disintegrate into the air. Korra lets the water drop into the gorge. The United Forces then celebrated at the victory.

General Iroh approaches Korra and friends to thank them, “Thank you Korra, you really saved a lot of lives helping us. Showed up just in time.”

 “Any time sir. Just doing my duty.”

       “It’s great that you’re back Korra. There was no telling what could’ve happened without you here.” Kyria happily welcomed.

 “It’s great to be back with all of you. Have I got loads of things to tell you all.”

     “We should probably head back to the city with the others. They’ll want to hear as well.” Asami suggested.


Back within the Palace the whole gang discussed what to do next as the King Shai was present.

          “I am glad to hear you will be regaining what you had lost long ago young Avatar. But are you all sure you won’t want to stay a bit longer? You have been traveling for a long time.” King Shai offered.

“We thank you for your hospitality, but it is urgent we head off to the Easter Air Temple. For once Korra regains the past Avatars she’ll be able to contact Avatar Hanso whom will know where the temple being the origin of the spirit army is located. Then we can get rid of the army entirely all over the four nations.”

          “Safe travels and best wishes to you all then.” King Shai then leaves the lounge.

  “I can’t believe it’s all going to be over soon.”

 “Yes, neither can I Ronin. I’m glad to finally be back with all of you. What have you all done since we left?”

   “Just traveled all of the Southern part of the mainland taking care of the army as we headed to Ba Sing Se.” Mako replies.

    “But once we get the location of the temple from Hanso, how do we know if the Dragon Brothers have been released?”

  “Well, before Mako, Bolin and Kai showed up, Xersi and Xi’Lee mentioned something about being told to attack Omashu by “The Dark One”.”

“The dark one?” Tenzin was puzzled.

  “Yes. From my guess, the dark one is the one responsible for commanding Xersi and Xi’Lee to attack all the radio stations.”

     “It may not sound, but I know we’re not going to give up so easily.” Asami confidently said.

 “You’re right, so long as we stick together, we’ll be able to defeat any evil that gets in our way.”

Xi'Lee (from LoK Book: Strength) by Legendary41
Xi'Lee (from LoK Book: Strength)
One of the dangerous commanders from the Dragon Brothers' Army. In the beginning of the brothers' conquest, Xi'Lee was exiled from ever entering the air temples due to her beliefs that went against protecting all life.

After finding the then small army she joined. Xi'Lee rose through the ranks from the few other air benders with her unique fighting style and her special abilities with air bending. She created new ways to manipulate air after training in fire bending styles with Xersi. The two were an unstoppable force together, breaking through the armies that would appose them. In the Battle of Qiuan they were defeated by Avatar Hanso and Laxao, a sorcerer sealed them along with the Dragon Brothers in a temple that would be lost for eternity. Or so it would have been.

Being that she is a spirit now Xi'Lee, just like Xersi, is to vanish at will in a cloud of purple smoke. One of her favorite moves is to generate a quick whirl wind with her right hand to collect the moister to form sharp spikes to throw at her enemies. With such abilities Xi'Lee will at times have frost formed as she unleashes certain whirl winds in order weaken her opponents with the feezing winds. As any villainous air bender if given the chance she will sufficate her opponents in order to eliminate them faster.
Which one of my drawings from the Legend of Old folder should I make a painting next?


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I like to draw most of the time. Looking foward to becoming a video game designer further on. Course I do random types of art, cause doing the same thing over and over gets real boring.

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