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Xi'Lee (from LoK Book: Strength) by Legendary41
Xi'Lee (from LoK Book: Strength)
One of the dangerous commanders in the Dragon Brothers' Army. In the beginning of the brothers' conquest, Xi'Lee was exiled from ever entering the air temples due to her beliefs that went against protecting all life.

After finding the then small army she joined. Xi'Lee rose through the ranks from the few other air benders with her unique fighting style and her special abilities with air bending. She created new ways to manipulate air after training in fire bending styles with Xersi. The two became an unstoppable force together, breaking through the armies that would appose them. In the Battle of Qiuan they were defeated by Avatar Hanso and Laxao. A sorcerer sealed them away along with the Dragon Brothers in a temple that would be lost for eternity. Or so it would have been.
    Ever since Korra opened the spirit portals uniting the spirit and physical worlds, causing the energy to changed both worlds and lives. During the hard economical times the world was facing, Team Avatar goes on a much needed vacation to the Eastern Air Temple where Korra is to finish the spiritual training of new acolytes in defending themselves. While in the Eastern Air Temple they feel someone is watching them. It is until the watcher reveals himself to be a double bender, having the ability to bend both the Earth and Fire elements. But no one except Tenzin knew there was another bender once upon a time who could bend two elements, let alone that this bender hasn't been seen since the start of the 100 Year War. As this newly found bender gets caught up with what has changed since his disappearance, a new evil once thought defeated, sealed away, and forgotten, was reawakened...
Legend of Korra - Book: Strength
A fanfic I will be writing soon hopefully. It has been some time since I've done one. I really liked the knew season of Legend of Korra and thought of something new and interesting that would be cool to happen next. I'll post links of the chapters on here, so if you are interested add to your favs folder. Also I plan to change the story time to time to be updated with what goes on in the series.

Chapter 1: The Watcher In The Temple -…
Chapter 2: Return -…
Chapter 3: Story of The Past -…
Chapter 4: Cannot Avoid -…
Chapter 5: Two Journeys, Two Paths -…
Chapter 6: Worlds Apart -…
Chapter 7: Meeting Again -…
Chapter 8: Reunions -…
Chapter 9: Hard Times-…
Chapter 10:

Shiro Shinobi: “The army has made as far up to the Northern Water Tribe’s City! Luckily before part of the outer walls could be taken down Korra, Tenzin, Jinora, along with Eska and Desna managed to stop an invasion. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Avatar pay Suyin a visit as Opal reunites with her family. But just as every other place the airship has visited, they too have been fighting the Dragon Brothers’ army. Where will it strike next?”

*Book: Strength Chapter 9: Hard Times*

A battle had been continuing in the middle of the day. There was smoke rising in parts of the open land and within parts of a forest a few miles from Zaofu. Opal and Kai fly towards the battle scene from the airship in their winged suits.

  “Sue how is it looking down below?” Bolin asked through the walky talkys on Opal and Sue.

      “Those cowards are coming in and also hiding behind trees. The metal benders and I can’t drag them out with their continuous attacks.”

  “Got it. Opal and Kai are going to drop down from behind them and push them out. We’ll be landing shortly.”

“Or how about right now Bro?” Mako shows the gliders that were made similar to the ones from the Western Air Temple.

  “Or we’re heading there right now.” Bolin quickly replies on the walky talky.

All the friends had a glider of their own to use to fly. Asami opens the back door and grabs onto her glider, “Is everybody ready?”

Ronin was nervous having not used a glider, “Um, are you sure we’ll be able to land in these things?”

  “When you’re near the ground use your weight to pull up to slow down. You should be able to place your feet on the ground.” Bolin answered.

   “Alright, let’s go.” Asami ran out first and followed by everyone else.

Ronin looked down out the door as everyone flew to the battle site. He lets out a breath, grabs onto the glider’s handles, backs away from the door way and runs towards the exit.

      “Good luck out there!” Captain Mharu shouted disrupting Ronin’s run causing him to fall out awkwardly. The glider was diving head first as Ronin tried what he could to straighten it out. He manages to pull up and turn to head for the battle. Bolin and Mako flew low using their bending to try and take out a few of the soldiers that were taking cover behind the threes, but couldn’t really get any. The two brothers land behind the walls bended from the earth where the metal benders, Sue and Toph were taking cover. Asami and Kyria had already been with Sue planning the next part of their strategy to combat the spirit soldiers.

      “There you two are. Where’s your friend Ronin?” Sue asked as she looked around.

Up from above Ronin’s voice could be heard as he fell from the air. He crashed into a beg tree near the group, breaking branches making a lot of leaves fall. Ronin finally hits the ground, lying down with his limbs stretched out clearly showing his body ached from the fall.

“I’ll just use my fire bending to get around till someone shows me how to use those things.”

Ronin slowly got up popping his back and joins the rest.

      “Opal, Kai and the metal benders have begun to push out the soldiers out. They should be coming out the forest in a few seconds.”

“I just hope I’ll be able to take them on.” Ronin says as he still rubbed his back.

       “What are you aching about?” Toph hits Ronin’s back to make it better, but partially paralyzes him with pain, “If I can easily own those spirit solders all by my old self, you can too.”

“So then cover for me out there will ya?” Ronin replied.

       “I may be able to kick their butts, but I’m getting to old for this stuff. Besides, as I told the Avatar and my daughter Sue, leave it to the kids.”

It was then leaves could be seen twirling up from the trees where the spirit soldiers were hiding getting closer.

       “Here they come.” Toph called out.

Everyone got ready as the whirling winds carrying the spirit soldiers blew them all out of the forest.

      “Now, get at them!” Sue ordered.

Everyone jumped over the walls and charge at the soldiers whom were getting up. Sue and the metal benders threw metal plates at a portion of the spirit soldiers making many of the soldiers evaporate while others lost their limbs. Bolin used his lava bending creating a small pool to get rid of five soldiers destroying their armor after they vanished. Kyria did all sorts of martial art movements each one ripping round pieces of earth from the ground and throwing them at the massive group in front of her. Mako and Asami fought back-to-back, taking down the soldiers with fire bending and Asami using her electric batons to attack and defend herself. Ronin runs into the crowd of soldiers bending rocks and fire as the soldiers try to pile onto him. After bending two stone walls to avoid being attacked, Toph opens a huge trench where the remaining soldiers fall inside. She then closes the trench on the soldiers ending the battle.

      “Great job everyone.” Sue congratulated everyone.

Everyone began to clean up the battle site putting the armor in a pile while fixing up the land.

      “These spirits are rather getting bolder with their attacks.”

    “Will you and your metal benders still be able to handle the soldiers?” Kyria asked.

        “Don’t worry about them kiddo, of course we will. I don’t plan on going anywhere, especially with the way things are around here.” Toph replies.

      “She’s right. Besides, we been at it for a couple of weeks now, we’re not going to give up on protecting our home. Once you all and Korra find the source of all this it’ll be over for us.”

   “That is true, we have to rendezvous with Tenzin, Korra and Jinora in Ba Sing Se as soon as possible.” Asami added.

Then two metal benders drive up in a tan jeep to deliver a message from a messenger hawk.

         “We have brought a message from General Iroh for Asami.”

Asami goes to the metal bender and takes the message, reading it silently. Then she turns to everyone, “Guys, General Iroh needs our help in Omashu.”

 “What’s happened in Omashu?” Mako asked concerned of what might be on the message.

   “It seems while he was having a radio tower built, there has been constant attacks on the city. Unfortunately he thinks Korra is back with us and he needs her to get rid of the spirit soldiers.”

      “That is a very serious situation you all will be facing. Before you all depart you should take some provisions for your voyage.”

   “Thank you Sue, we will need it.”

In the afternoon the airship crew had finished loading up some boxes and crates as everyone bid farewell to Sue and the family.

        “It was great seeing you two again.” Baatar hugs Opal.

     “We’ll be back and stay a good while once all this is over.”

          “It was great seeing you again big sis.” Wei says after hugging her.

           “Hopefully you’ll be able to attend a match of power disc since we been getting more athletes playing it all over the earth mainland.” Wing added.

     “I look forward to seeing it. And I also look forward to seeing your art gallery Huan.”

Mako then spots a familiar couple, “Bolin, look who it is.”

Bolin turns to his left to see Varrick and Zhu Li approaching, “Varrick! Zhu Li!” He called out.

            “Hey Bolin, how has it been going? I heard you return to making movers.”

  “Yeah, it had been a long time since I acted. I got a call from a director and with the way things have been I needed a job. So what about you two? What have you been up to?”

            “We just got back from making a couple of business contacts with a few companies barely staying afloat in Ba Sing Se. The recession has taken a toll on everyone, even Varrick industries, so we decided to try and unite as many companies under the industry to try and help.” Zhu Li answered.

           “It’s going to save my corporation and bring in more money once we recover from this whole economic mess.” Varrick notices the jeeps filled with luggage, “Say, what is with all the bags? Leaving so soon?”

     “We have to be heading to Omashu. General Iroh needs our help getting communications back up since the spirit soldiers have been taking down the radio stations.”

           “So that’s why I haven’t been able to hear my morning show or heard anything from the heads of the companies I made contracts with.” He then lowered his voice as if he had suspicions, “I thought they were trying to pull a fast one on me.”

   “Well on that note we have to be heading off now.” Asami informed due to being a few hours till sun down.

           “Say, why don’t Zhu Li and I join you on your trip to Omashu? I planned to go over there to establish more business partnerships later. But seeing you all are heading over there we might as well go now.”

  “It would be great to have you aboard. What do you say Asami? Can they come along with us?”

She gave it a quick thought, “I guess, there should still be some room in the airship for you two.”

        “Excellent! Zhu Li, have the servers bring our luggage since it’s already pact.”

Zhu Li instead put her hands on her hips making an incredulous face because of Varrick’s request.

        “Or I can do it since you did work hard in our business meetings.”

Varrick then steps aside to tell the servers in a hurry. Everyone had finished putting the luggage in the airship and took off heading towards Omashu. Asami along with Kyria and Mako were setting up the table for dinner.

    “So how is it you all know Varrick and Zhu Li?”

   “I met Varrick long ago to make business sales with him. But during the Southern Water Tribe’s he sabotage my company in order to get control over it by saving it.”

    “Oh… And you Mako? I’m sure you met on better terms?”

 “After he helped us escape from the South as it was going under siege, I discovered he was behind the attack on the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Once I was hot on his trail he framed me, had me arrested and thrown in jail.”

    “Well this is very awkward.” Kyria felt a bit embarrassed as she resumed putting eating utensils by the plates.

 “He did redeem himself when we fought Kuvira in Old Republic City. With Zhu Li’s help they managed to take out a platoon of her army and later distract her while making an opening in her giant mecha suit to infiltrate.” Mako answered as he finished setting the plates.

    “That’s good to know.”

   “The President also pardoned him for trying to kidnap him during the Civil War.”

    “So we’re back to square one. Varrick really doesn’t hold back on doing whatever it takes to get his way.”

 “Yes, that pretty much sounds like Varrick.”


Near the North Eastern shore of the earth mainland the ship transporting Tenzin, Korra and Jinora was arriving to a harbor. Once there one of the sailors tide down the ship down as the three friends got off. It was a bit late in the night as the three wondered a few minutes till they found an inn. They were given two rooms where Korra had one for herself. As she gazed at the stars lying on the frame of the window as a gentle breeze was blowing, there was a knock at her door. She got off the frame to go open it.

 “Oh, hey Tenzin. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to inform you we should get up early at dawn to get an early start to Ba Sing Se. The sooner we reunite with everyone, the quicker we can all head to the Easter Air Temple.”

 “Yes of course. I look forward to seeing everyone and telling them the good news.” Korra said with a warm smile feeling tired.

“I do too. Well we should get our rest, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. Good night Korra.”

 “Good night Tenzin.”

Tenzin left as Korra closed her room’s door. As she headed to her bed she looked at the sky one last time and got into her bed to sleep. Everyone was awake at dawn gathering provisions in the local markets for the trip ahead.

 “If we take the train we’ll make it to Ba Sing Se in the afternoon.” Korra said as they were looking at a map displayed near the center of the market place.

“Then we should hurry and get our boarding passes, the train will be departing soon and the next train to leave won’t be for two hours.”

Jinora heard the train hoot to let everyone know it was going to leave, “Let’s move, I think the train is about to depart.”

The three immediately take off for the station three blocks down. As they arrived through one of the station’s exits a conductor was standing on one of the entrances of the passenger cars sticking out the upper part of his body, “The train will now be departing, last chance to board!”

The train lets out steam through its sides as it begins to roll out the station as the three friends were at the counter.

   “Are you all sure you want the passes? The train is already taking off, you won’t be able to board the train now.”

Korra watched as the rear car left the station gaining more and more speed then turns to the attendant, “We will be able to.”

As the train sped on the tracks Korra, Jinora and Tenzin followed riding on wind spheres closing the distance between them and the final train car. Korra makes it close to the car’s railing grabbing onto it and jumps over. Jinora also jumps onto the car on the other side followed by Tenzin who lands in the center.

“Well that was thrilling.” Tenzin fixed up his robes a bit, “Best to get our seats.”

After going through a few cars containing all the passenger’s luggage they make it to a car where there were many travelers relaxing in their seats. A few were drinking hot tea or having a small breakfast.  There was one of the conductors going down the aisle stamping the boarding passes. The three find an empty booth and sit in the seats.

 “What luck to have been able to catch up to the train? I could really use a good breakfast.” Korra said as she plopped onto the seat.

   “Your boarding passes please.” The conductor stood by while they got their passes out. He stamps the passes and notices there are no dishes on the table to show they eaten breakfast, “Say, haven’t you all received your morning meals?”

“No, we, just arrived.” Tenzin calmly replied.

   “Well I’ll have one of the stewards attend to you immediately.”

Korra looked out the window at the miles of flat lands green from the grass, seeing a tree or two after a few seconds. Even further were the mountains with ice on the top of their peaks. After the steward had gotten their order a waiter delivered their breakfast.

“Now we can truly relax on our way to Ba Sing Se.”

When Jinora was half way done with her breakfast she remembered something important, “I just remembered, I should call mom and let her know where we’ll be and how we’re doing.”

“That is true. I wasn’t able to contact her before we left the North. May have been because of our location.”

Jinora heads up the aisle walking past the other passengers reading their newspapers, enjoying their tea or even trying to calm their children whom were bored. She walked up to passenger cars to make it to a radio currently now in use. As she adjusted the signal, outside was a group of bandits on motor bicycles and a quads catching up to the train. They split into two groups of three after passing the rear car. The group to the left of the train maintained the same speed alongside the car with all the luggage. The other passes the passenger car Tenzin and Korra were on. Korra manages to hear the engines of the bikes and notices the top of the bandits’ heads pass the window across from her. She then hears noises coming from the luggage car and

“What is it Korra?”

 “I think there’s someone outside.” She opens her window to look outside by sticking her head out.

The bandit driving one of the quads fire bends at her, which she was able to dodge in time as the fire hits the side breaking a few windows making the passengers two booths down take cover away from the windows.

“Korra! Are you alright?”

 “There are bandits trying to rob the cars with the luggage. I saw a few of them go up ahead, they’re probably going to sabotage the train.”

“Jinora is in one of the cars ahead. I must go to help.”

 “I’ll handle the bandits in the luggage car.”

Jinora still was messing with the radio’s nobs trying to get a single, “What’s wrong with this thing? I should ask the conductor for assistance.” Once she was out of the small booth the sound of the engines could be heard through the train car’s walls.

  “What’s happening?”

    “They’re bandits, they have been robbing trains all over this region.”

One of the bandits on a quad uses his water bending to get on the roof of the car while another uses his air bending. They smash through one window each on opposite sides of the car. The water bender grabs a sack out of his satchel, “Alright, put in all your valuables in this bag and no one will get hurt.”

     “You two, get down on the ground!” The air bending bandit demanded Jinora and the waiter, who had his hands up.

   “Y-yes sir.” The waiter immediately drops to the floor shaking.

     “You too little girl.”

  “Or what? You don’t scare me.”

     “Oh really?”

They looked at each other’s eye squinting. Without warning the air bender generates a whirl wind as Jinora crouches down dodging it forming a whirl wind as well with her foot knocking the bandit into his buddy. They both fell to the floor and Jinora waited for them to attack.

    “Wha- who did that?!” The water bender demanded as he got up.

     “It was her! Let’s show these people what happens when you try to take us on.”

They both used their bending to attack Jinora whom had to move quickly to dodge some of the attacks and air bend some out of the way. The passengers hid at the end under the tables to avoid getting hit. She managed to blow the water bender to the end of the car while she fought with the air bending bandit. After fighting him physically with martial art moves, she knocks him down with a whirl wind generated from one of her kicks.

The water then grabs a passenger to hold him as a human shield, “Stay back or he gets it!”

While Jinora dropped her stance, the water bender bended tea out of the cups to his right and uses the amount to grab Jinora’s left hand freezing it to the front end of the car off her feet.

  “You cowards!” Jinora yells out as she tries to use her weight to break the ice off the wall.

In the luggage car Korra kicks the door in startling the bandits already inside.

      “Who are you?”

 “The Avatar I’m sure you heard of me and know your luck has ran out.”

Meanwhile, as the water bender held the passenger hostage the other bandit collected valuable from everyone still hiding under the table. But out of nowhere a whirl wind came from under the water bending bandit’s legs separating him from the passenger, launching him up hitting the roof knocking him out. Tenzin was standing ready to fight the air bender as Jinora was getting close to freeing herself cracking the ice. The air bending bandit drops the sack and fights Tenzin both doing simple moves that allowed them to generate whirl winds faster. Right when the bandit got an opening on Tenzin Jinora frees herself and air bends at the bandit making him fly upward to the roof also knocking him unconscious.

“Jinora, are you alright?”

  “I’m fine dad.”

“Glad to see you are. You did good protecting these people the bandits.”

The bandits outside then backed off the right side of the train as well as the ones on the left. The train finally makes it to the station a few miles from Ba Sing Se. The bandits were tied up and handed over to the authorities.

   An officer then thanks them, “We thank you for your services Avatar Korra and of course masters Tenzin and Jinora. We been going around trying to catch these thieves all over the area. Hopefully they’ll tell us of their hideouts in the mountains.”

“It was no problem officer, it is our duty to help everyone where ever we go.”

    “Will you be needing anything? It is the least I can do after you all captured the bandits.”

“If you don’t mind, we need to get to Ba Sing Se and reunite with a couple of friends as soon as possible.”

    “Sure, I’ll have one of my officers give you a ride.”

In the afternoon the police drop off the three friends at Mako and Bolin’s cousin’s house. They look right and left of the block seeing how much it had improved since the fall of the Earth Queen.

 “Wow, this place certainly has changed, at least now the lower class citizens are living in better conditions.”

“Indeed. And it looks like Mako and Bolin’s family is doing better as well.” Tenzin added.

Jinora knocked on the door. Tu opened the door having a blank look then happy to see whom it was, “Hey, it’s Korra, Tenzin and Jinora.” He said loudly so everyone inside could hear, “Come on in.”

    “Oh my, it is great to see again Korra. How have you been? How’s are Mako and Bolin as well?” Yin hugged Korra.

 “I’ve been fine. So those two aren’t here yet?”

    “No, we’ve been waiting for their arrival. But they won’t be coming I’m afraid.”

 “What? Why?”

Chow then walks up with a letter, “We received this from the postman.” He then hands the letter to Tenzin.

  “What does it say?” Jinora asked.

“General Iroh has request them for some assistance at Omashu. His troops have been fighting off enemy forces as they’re trying to build a radio tower to get communications back up. Unfortunately he doesn’t know you had gone to the Spirit World and needs mainly your help to get rid of them.”

 “Omashu? But that’s far from the Air Temple.”

“I know Korra, but we have to postpone our trip a bit longer.”

  “Our friends will need us and we should be there with them.” Jinora added.

 “I know, I know. Alright, we should meet up with them over there then. Hopefully we can get in touch with them along the way.”

Tenzin then looks at the letter to summarize a part of it informing of communications, “The letter also says the naval fleet is being used as a temporary transmitters, at least for those in the lower part of the earth mainland. So we’ll be able to.”

    “Does this mean you’re not staying?” Yin asked looking a bit glum.

 “I’m afraid so. As much as we’d like to stay, we have to go help.”

    “I know dear. Please send my greetings to Mako and Bolin.”

 “We will Yin.”

In the evening one hour before sun down, the three friends get onto a long airship that is heading to Misty Palms Oasis.

“Well, now we can hopefully relax. I don’t think we’ll be fighting any air bandits up here.” Tenzin jokingly said.

 Jinora giggled, “The airships are faster, so we’ll arrive no doubt in a day’s time.”

 “When we arrive we should get immediately in contact with everyone and find out how far they’ve progressed.”

“They’ve been doing well, the letter was sent from Zaofu, so they met up with Suyin.”

 “You’re right, I just hope after this there won’t be any more obstacles for all of us.”

After the airship was passed the outer ring Korra looked back at Ba Sing Se one last time with the sun close to hiding behind the mountains. As the airship turned away she then looked to the far horizon with the night setting in.

Gateway To The Sea by Legendary41
Gateway To The Sea
Acrylic on canva-paper 16X14. Really wanted to make an ocean scenery with waves crashing down. Also wanted to add a bit of a fantasy look to it, but in a realistic sense with the rock formations in the sea. haha
Which one of my drawings from the Legend of Old folder should I make a painting next?


Legendary41's Profile Picture
R. J. S.
United States
I like to draw most of the time. Looking foward to becoming a video game designer further on. Course I do random types of art, cause doing the same thing over and over gets real boring.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Rap, R&B, metal, techno, trance, punk, hip-hop, new age, industrial
Favourite style of art: Any kind, as long as it catches my eye.
MP3 player of choice: black cover
Skin of choice: as it is, duh

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