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Shiro Shinobi: “Koh, a malevolent spirit, whom has had a history with the Avatar mainly with Avatar Kuruke after stealing his fiancée Ummi’s face. Now Korra must regain it back for Ummi so she can tell Korra how to regain her predecessors. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Avatar took back a radio station after battling a couple of spirit soldiers whom were led by Xersi and Xi’Lee. What is to happen next on everyone’s voyage to find the temple?”


*Book: Strength Chapter 7: Meeting Again*


Korra and Tenzin had little distance left as they approached the entrance to Koh’s lair. Korra felt a bit of pressure building inside her chest as the arc of the tree was getting more over her head. Right on the entrance they stopped walking to review the plan as to how they’re going to approach Koh.

“Here we are. Remember, do not show any expressions. Keep control over your emotions. After meeting my father long, no doubt he’ll try to say what he can to make you express your feelings. Should you need to, best to do it when he cannot see you, but I would not try it.”

 “Right. I just hope Ummi was right about getting her face back is like taking off a mask.”

“I hope she is right about that as well. Let’s just focus on resolving this without drawing conflict.”

The two then enter the tree and started down cave. Outside, Jinora sat on the root with her arms on her legs so she can place her head on her hands. Ummi waited beside her not moving, just watching the tree.

   “Will they be OK in there?”

    “I’m sure they will be. Your father looks confident and the young Avatar has a lot of strength.”

  “Why couldn’t you just tell us of the way Korra can get back the Past Avatars? We would’ve came back and helped you.”

   “You do not know what it is like, to be forever condemned in this part of the Spirit World, separated from everyone I loved in life. I know it is wrong to do this, but you know as well as I you would have done the same.”

Jinora turned little bit away from Ummi being disappointed of the situation they were in. Inside the cave Tenzin and Korra finally reached the lair. With the vivid light barely allowing them to see what their surroundings were. They could hardly see the roots of the tree above ground coming through the ceiling and digging back through the walls. They could hear gentle drops as they listened and looked around to see if Koh was anywhere inside. From above, Koh watched silently as Tenzin and Korra investigated keeping a straight face to not show any emotions. He followed them, crawling on the ceiling not making any noise.

 “Where is he? Do you think he might have left and made a new home somewhere else?”

“He’s here alright, don’t let your guard down for any second.”

 “I don’t know, maybe he felt me coming and coward away to-“

Koh then immediately pops out from the dark and immediately confronts Korra whom luckily was able to put on her straight face. Koh watched her with the face of the Baboon with a grin on his face for a few seconds, inches from her face and then moves on past her left side to see both her and Tenzin.

    “Well, for what reason do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again Avatar? Come for my help again?”

As Korra still had her back turned to Koh, she expresses her disgust and then her relief of not letting Koh get the best of her.

“We’ve come here to request something of you.” Tenzin began the conversation to break the silence.

    “Oh, and what will that be son of the previous Avatar?” Koh changes his face to that of a young man with black hair and blue eyes.

"We need the face of Ummi, the fiancée of Avatar Kuruke."

    "Is that so?" Koh turned and crawls to Tenzin, "And what use will you have for it I do wonder."

"She came to us for help and as the Avatar it my duty to help the spirits as well." Korra replies avoiding to tell the true reason.

Koh changes his face to a strange rodent that had sharp teeth, slithering between Tenzin and Korra to see her face, "Avatar, you don't honestly think you can hide the reason for why you've came to this world to see me. Ummi has something you need, but in order to obtain it she has requested for you talk to me in returning her face."

Korra opened her fist knowing she was found out.

    "But maybe we can arrange something: A trade, face-for-a-face."

"What do you mean...?"

He carefully places his left foot on her right cheek, "After all, this new beautiful face you have now could be my prized possession being from the Avatar. A great face to trade for any other."

"Sorry, but I'm not going to do that, there must be something else you want to exchange for Ummi's face?"

Koh removes his foot off her face and changes his face to an old woman with long white hair and brown eyes, "There is nothing I would want more than an Avatar's face to my collection." He looks at Tenzin, "Unless your friend wants to sacrifice himself, his is the nearest thing I can have that is close to the Avatar."

"Look we didn't come here to play games Koh. The world is in danger of a destructive force that will also affect the Spirit World."

He immediately turned back to Korra, "And what concern is that of mine? I won't be disturbed much less challenged."

"You can't be serious Koh? The effects on the Spirit World affect all spirits, you as well. Please, you must come to reason or by some terms." Tenzin urged Koh nearly expressing it on his face.

Then Koh changed to the white face that had black eyes and red lips smiling, “My apologies, but I think there will be any transaction this time and so bid you a farewell.” Koh then starts to crawl towards a pitch black corner in the cave.

“Fine.” Tenzin said with his head down, eyes closed. Koh stopped to listen, “I’ll do it.”

 “What? Tenzin, you can’t be serious. I won’t let you, think about Jinora and everyone.” Korra urged Tenzin.

“I’m willing to sacrifice myself in order to secure their future along with both worlds. This is my decision and mine alone.”

Koh turns to look at him still with the white face, “Do we have a deal then?”

Tenzin sighed, “We do.”

As Koh approached him as Korra stepped aside with her head down. His face is over a foot away from Tenzin whom still had straight face on.

“Before I exchange my face, I want to at least see Ummi’s. It’s at least fair I see the spirit for whom I sacrificed myself for.”

    “Very well.” Koh changes his face to Ummi’s.

Right before he could take Tenzin’s face, Korra immediately jumps onto Koh grabbing on Ummi’s face on both sides behind the ears and gets into the Avatar state to start taking the face off. Koh yells as if in agony as Korra pulls with all her might and soon a white light starts to shine in between Ummi’s face and Koh’s neck area, until finally Korra takes it off him. She falls onto the floor holding a sphere of light that reflects Ummi’s face within. Koh threw his faceless upper half left and right still yelling in agony crashing onto the cave walls.

Tenzin quickly helps Korra up, “Quickly let’s get out of here while we can.”

Korra nods once and they run for the exit.

    “AVATAR!” Koh yells to her. He stops moving around and makes a demon like insect face with human features appear where it had been empty. He starts crawling swiftly with rage through the tunnel chasing Tenzin and Korra. The two make it outside, Korra having to jump out and roll right before Koh could get her. Koh flies out looking down from above at Tenzin and Korra. Jinora jumps up looking at Koh and starts to run to help Tenzin and Korra.

    “If you honestly think you can steal from me you are mistaken! I will have both your faces at the end of this!”

As Koh swoops down to attack, Korra water bends with one hand as Tenzin air bends. They manage to hit at and below the middle of his body. They dodge him jumping aside as he causes a dirt cloud to spring from the attack. He flies upward to strike again. Jinora arrives and gets to a stance to prepare for the attack with her father and Korra. Koh notices her and decides to attack her instead.

“And now it seems I’ll be collecting three faces.”

Koh grins showing his sharp teeth and swoops toward Jinora. She prepares for Koh moving her hands to generate air. She then jumps over Koh, making frost consume the upper part of his body freezing his face. Jinora lands a few steps from Korra. Koh yells in agony again, but sounded a bit muted due to the frost on his face. He slams his body onto the ground to break it all of him.

    “That took a lot of nerve, but it won’t help you against me!”

Koh spreads his upper legs and aims the points of his legs points towards the group. Ummi jumps on his back right before his legs stretched so fast and long causing him to miss impaling his feet to the ground. Everyone was able to dodge them despite of Ummi’s attack on Koh. As he lunges around Ummi hung onto his back until he managed to get her off him. She lies on the ground defenseless, but showed no injury.

    “I should have gotten rid of you long ago, but now I will once and for all.”

 “Ummi look out!” Korra calls out with her right hand out.

Koh uses his back end to crush Ummi where she kneeled as she had gotten up. She was able to jump out of the way, but Koh drags it to still crush Ummi.

Just then, the white monkey with a brown cape on his left side appears and stops Koh with only his right hand, “Finally, you came out.” He said with ease.

    “You!” Koh said.

     “Yes, I been waiting for this a long time. Now we fight.”

 “Who is that?” Korra asked Tenzin.

“I don’t know. Whoever he is he clearly can handle Koh.” He replied.

The monkey got into a fighting stance, “Now it’s time to finish off what you started long ago.”

He then jumps high to Koh’s face and kicks him nearly knocking him to the ground. Koh tries to attack back using his back end and again with stretching his legs, but the monkey was too fast for him to get. The monkey unleashes an array of attacks showing Koh was no match for him. Koh realizes he wasn’t going to win and starts to withdraw from fight heading back into his cave.

    “You may have gotten the best of me Avatar, but I will obtain your face in the future.” He disappears in the darkness.

 “Thank you for helping us.” Korra thanked the monkey as they all approach him.

     “It was nothing. He and I go way back. I make sure he cannot go out and steal more faces from innocent beings and spirits.”

“Is there anything we can do to repay you for your help?” Tenzin asked.

     “There’s no need, it is something of a duty for me. Now if you don’t mind I would like to go back to meditating.” With that he jumps up a tree and gets to a meditative position.

Korra holds out the light sphere towards Ummi, “Here, we were able to get your face back from Koh.”

Ummi grabs onto the sphere and looks at it. She then drives it into her chest and unleashes a bright light illuminating her body. Everyone turns away blocking the light with one of their arms. Once the light had stopped everyone looks Ummi. She slowly lifts her hands up to her face and removes the mask revealing her face, opening her eyes. She look at everyone and smiles, happy to have gotten her face back.

   “Thank you, all of you. Now I’ll be able to find peace. But before I do, as promised I will reveal how you will regain your past lives. As you know the Eastern Temple houses the statues of every Avatar that had existed. Their purpose is to house the spirits of the Avatar. Kuruke had told me of what they were for when he was in doubt at a young age to contact the past Avatars. He had stood in the giant room in the center of the circle. He went into the Avatar state making the eyes of every statue light up.”

  “Of course. The Eastern Air Temple has always been special to the air nomads. Now I see why.”

“Thank you Ummi it really means a lot, to Korra and everyone in the physical world.”

Then a light appears behind Ummi and all sorts of voices, a few filled with joy, could be heard, “Finally, after so long, I can be with him and everyone.” Ummi started to walk toward the light and vanished with it after crossing over.

 “May you be at peace.” Korra says as everyone bows their head.

“We must head back to the physical world. We have a chance to end what’s happening once and for all.”

 “Let’s reunite with everyone else before we head on over to the Eastern Air Temple. We’ll need all the help we can get.”


Back in the physical world, everyone left the radio station heading off on their planned route. Asami walked from the radio to her friends who were relaxing on the furniture.

   “Well I just got back from talking with the President. We’ll be heading to Kyoshi Island, the naval ships can be used as transmitters to carry radio signals at least for the major bottom half of the mainland.”

 “That’s a good idea to temporarily get communications back up.”

   “Right now, the radio station is the only thing he can communicate through, but it has limited range. And from here on out we won’t be communicating with anybody else as well.”

“Well to Kyoshi Island we go. It’ll delay our voyage, but at least we’ll be up to date through others on what the current status of the world is.”

After traveling down the mainland they finally reached the shores, Kyoshi Island up ahead.

     “Kyoshi Island is up ahead.” Captain Mharu said in the overcome.

Bolin got up and walked to see it. As the airship got closer one could see the naval ships. There were small flashes of light coming from them that later turned out to be fire bending blast coming from their canons. The ships were being assaulted by soldiers on not only dark spirit dragons, but also dark water serpent like spirits. The soldiers on deck were bending fire, water and earth where ever they saw the dark spirits.

Captain Mharu seas the amazing battle going on and immediately comes on the overcome again after pulling a switch that made a red light come on, “Red alert! Red alert! Enemy is assaulting the naval ships! Prepare for combat!”

Asami and Mako rushed out of their courters and ran through the small hallways onto the bridge meeting with Kyria, Ronin and Bolin.

  “Guys, they’re here too.” Bolin pointed out.

 “We should hurry and help them. If something happens to those ships, there won’t be any communications to keep the United Forces informed of our progress. Bolin and Kyria, head up top of the ship and fire those earth disc at the spirit soldiers. We’ll need to get close so we can land on one of those ships and help out.”

  “Right!” Kyria replied, “Come on, let’s go.” Bolin nodded and off they went packing earth disc into a couple of bags as quick as they could.

 “We should get ready as well.”

“I’ll go get the parachutes.” Ronin runs to the cabinet where the parachutes are stored.

Asami then runs back to her room to get into her battle suit as Mako goes to the door, opening it to see the battle better.

 “Is everybody ready?” Mako says holding up his walky talky.

  “We’re ready up here bro.” Bolin replies through his walky talky.

 “Alright, let’s move on forward. Captain.” Mako gave Captain Mharu a nod.

“Here we go mates, best of luck to you all.” The Captain says as he pushes a lever to increase the airship’s speed. As the airship entered the battle a couple of spirit soldiers spot them and fly on over to them. Bolin and Kyria see them and start throwing the earth disc at them. At the far distance the soldiers were a few disc missed them, but two of the six that head towards the airship got knocked down. There were a few crew members whom also fire and earth bended along with the two friends. Finally the airship was close to one of the ships that had a few parts of it having smoke coming from it.

 “Jump!” Mako yelled out.

The three friends fly for a few seconds in the air and when they neared the ship they used the parachutes for a quick smooth landing. They took off the parachute packs as quick as they could and help the servicemen fight of a few spirit soldiers on deck.

Mako grabs his walky talky to contact Bolin, “Come on down.”

  “Understood, over.” Bolin replied. Kyria and Bolin run to the left side of the airship and jump. As they flew, they past a couple of spirit soldiers and were lucky to have missed the oncoming earth disc and fire balls flying in the air. They could see a couple of air benders flying around air bending. Kyria and Bolin release their parachutes nearing a ship. As they were going to land on a carrier, a spirit soldiers was going in for an attack as he thought they were both vulnerable. Kyria bended an earth disc that flew nearby and used it to knock off the soldier down with the dark spirit dragon. The two friends land on the deck and use the scattered earth disc that were left after the carrier received a hit. Bolin left his guard down and a spirit soldier that was a fire bender saw his opportunity to strike. He throws a fire ball at Bolin whom notices it as it was a few feet away. But then a whirl wind comes in between and stops the fire. Opal swooped in and uses another whirl wind to defeat the soldier making both him and the dark spirit dragon crash into the sea.

  “Opal!” Bolin happily called out as Opal landed on the deck.

She hugs Bolin tightly, “Bolin, it’s great to see you! How is it you’re here? I thought you were going to be close to Chameleon Bay by now?”

  “Well we got side tracked by the Dragon Brother’s Army.”

Kai then comes flying in air bending taking down a soldier that had been chasing him. He does a roll landing and gets up, “Bolin, it’s great to see you.”

  “It’s great to see you too buddy. Man you’ve grown.”

    “Don’t mean to interrupt your reunion, but we still have a battle to win.” Kyria said as she earth bended a disc.

After a couple more spirit soldiers fell, the rest retreated towards the mainland. The ship Ronin, Asami and Mako landed on start to sink with the back end going underwater. The servicemen started to jump into the water as others with the three friends helped the rest inside.

   “That’s everyone.” Asami said as one last service member ran across the deck and jumped.

“Alright, let’s get off as well.” Ronin replied.

They jumped into the water near a rescue boat helping everyone out of the water. Once the three friends were up on another ship, the commander greeted them.

      “I assume you all are the friends of the Avatar?”

 “Yes sir, we came here on behalf of President Raiko.” Mako answered.

      “And what news from the President. I haven’t been able to communicate with him in a while.”

 “The radio stations had been taken over by the enemy force. Though we manage to liberate some, their towers damages or destroyed. He said to tell all of the United Forces to use messenger hawks and that the ships can be used as temporary radio transmitters.”

      “Is that so, we’ll get onto it. In the meantime, I need to get these ships repaired. The enemy took us by surprise, luckily everyone was prepared. I also want to thank you all for showing up. Will you be staying here?”

   “We’ll be staying in Kyoshi Island if that’s OK sir. We’re on a mission to find the source of the Dragon Brothers’ army. The spirit soldiers we fought.”

      “Should you ever need of assistance, my fleet will come to your aid. Just send a message to me Commander Argo.” The commander hands a paper to Asami then walks off with his officers behind him.

     In the evening at one of Kyoshi Island’s shores where everyone gathered around a fire, as Bolin and Opal sat on a wooden picnic table having two coconut drinks on the center.

  “It’s going to be great traveling now that you’re coming with us on the airship.”

     “Yes, I look forward to it. Where is Korra by the way?”

  “She, Tenzin and Jinora left to the Spirit World to find a spirit that knew how Korra can get all her past Avatars back. It was quite the shock for her.”

     “Really? That’s great isn’t it? She’ll be able to find the temple now without any problems.”

  “Yes. But for now, we have to help everyone who’s being attack by the army. It just seems every time we have a plan, they’re one foot ahead of us.” Bolin then drinks from his coconut.

      “That is a bit strange.” Opal replies.

“So where’s our next stop?” Ronin asked as Mako reviewed the map he marked the encounters with the soldiers.

 “We should head up to get back on our route to Ba Sing Se. We’ll stop at Zaofu to see how they’re doing. Sue probably has been taking care of the region.”

   “I just hope Korra, Tenzin and Jinora are alright. I got a bad feeling like if something has happened.” Asami wrapped her arms around her legs.

 “They’re alright, I just know they are. Don’t worry about them, we’ll see them soon enough in Ba Sing Se before you know it.”

 “I hope so Mako, I hope so.”

Mako places his hand on Asami’s right shoulder to assure her as she looks up at the night sky at the moon above, with a couple of bright stars shining and a few clouds moving across it.

Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 7
Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 7: Meeting Again
I kind of rushed through the center of story on this one due to a few things I got going. But nonetheless, should be entertaining. I have began drawing out the characters I made up for the fanfic, should be posting them up soon. also it seems someone i screwing with the text. there is too many weird mistakes after i know i reread before posting.

Shiro Shinobi: “The Western Air Temple has changed a lot after these past years. As Tenzin informed President Raiko of their recent encounter with the spirit soldiers and Asami repairs the airship with some new help, team Avatar passes their time exploring the temple. When searching for Ronin who’d gone to meditate, he shows up to tell Korra the most shocking news of all: He found a spirit that claims to know how to recover Korra’s predecessors. The race to finding the temple is now really on.”


*Book: Strength Chapter 6: Worlds Apart*


     The airship arrived at Old Republic City a two hours before it was noon. There were blue skies with little to no clouds in certain directions with all sorts of flying spirits as well. A gentle breeze was blowing that hardly moved the grass and the leaves of the trees. The airship lands in an open area not too far from the portal just off a water front partially blocked off by spirit vines and a few bushes. Oogi circled the airship once and landed near the entrance while everyone was exiting. Tenzin, Jinora and Korra dismounted with back packs.

“Here we are, again.” Tenzin looked at the portal, “We should get moving there’s no time to waste.”

 “Right.” Korra gave a single nod and then turns to her friends, “Well I guess this is where we part ways temporarily.”

   “You all watch yourselves over there. Hopefully we’ll meet in Ba Sing Se soon enough.” Mako assured and gave Korra a hug.

“We’ll be going now as well, best of luck finding what you’re looking for.” Asami walks up and hugs Korra.

 “Thanks. You all take care of each other.”

    “You all sure you don’t want someone else to come along?” Bolin wanted to make sure having asked before.

Korra chuckled, “No I’m sure the three of us will be alright. Besides, I know you will want to see Opal at some point.”

Bolin agreed as he placed his right hand behind his head blushing a bit, “That’s true. She said she was going to be visiting her family in Zaofu in a couple of days. It is on our scheduled route.”

Korra nodded and then walked back to Tenzin and Jinora to continue onward to the portal. Korra then remembers where they all were going to meet in Ba Sing Se as they walked, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you two that the rendezvous point at Ba Sing Se will be at Mako and Bolin’s family’s new home.”

The area around the crater had changed having more spirit wild vegetation, but the inside still only had the vines. Tenzin, Korra and Jinora looked at one another confidently and walked into the portal. Once they were on the other side among the purple pink flowers with the dead trees with the white mountains in the background.

 “The Twilight Woods should be in that direction. I had been coming through here on my days off in the past month.”

  “This is going to be exciting, I should write about this in my book.”

“You’ve been writing a book?” Tenzin was surprised to hear.

  “Yes, mainly of my time in the Spirit World.”

They all start to walk to the direction Korra had pointed out. Small spirit fireflies would fly up where ever the flowers and later the tall grass was being moved aside. In the horizon ahead they all could see the fine line that separated both land and sky from day and night.


Outside Republic City’s limits the airship flew over the valleys and mountains Kuvira and her army had marched on. Now only faint mecha tank tracks and large foot prints from the giant mecha suit remained in the green grass far below. Asami looked at it all through one of the windows until she heard President Raiko’s voice on the radio calling for her.

      “Asami are you there? This is President Raiko. Is anyone there?”

Asami picks up the microphone calmly with no hurry since it wasn’t far from reach, “Yes I’m here sir.”

      “I’m afraid I have some troubling news.”

Asami gasped away from the microphone, “What is it? Has something happened?”

      “We have lost communications with nearly all of the United Forces in the mainland along with the leaders of the states. I got everyone who could help recover communications, but were unsuccessful.”

   “What can we do to help?” Asami said attentively to help.

      “Since it’ll be a while before one of our operators will find out a solution, I have to ask if you can go to General Iroh to keep in contact with his officers and I through messenger hawks. That is the only way we can keep everyone up to date on this whole--- Dragon Brothers' army situation.”

   “And where is General Iroh located?”

      “My last contact with him was when he was near the Serpent’s Pass. That’s when all communications with all of the United Forces were lost.”

Asami look into a drawer, searching through the documents inside and finally found what she was looking for, a map, “Have they by a chance encountered any of the enemy soldiers since they were sent?”

      “I had been informed that General Iroh did confront some soldiers in a town before reaching the Serpent’s Pass. Before that a battalion also confronted a group on the other side of the lake across from the Serpent’s Pass.”

   “Any chance you were told what direction they came from?”

      “No unfortunately, also the fleet stationed in Kyoshi Island can be of use to-“

Just then President Raiko’s voice is covered by white noise.

   “Hello, President Raiko, are you there?” Asami tried other channels, but couldn’t make any connection.

Mako knew something was wrong and walks over to Asami, “What’s wrong?”

   “It’s the radio. I was talking to the President when all of a sudden we were cut off.” She kept changing the channel, “I can’t get a signal with anyone.”

 “Let me see it.” Mako changed the channels and messed with the other nobs, but made no avail, “Something must have happened to the radio towers or the station, that’s why there’s no signal being received.”

   “We’ll have to see if something has happened to the station then, it shouldn’t be far from our current location. Whoever is in the station should know what’s going on.”

Mako nodded agreeing with Asami’s claim. They both immediately walked to Ronin, Bolin and Kyria who could clearly see there was a problem they all were going to try to fix.

  “Has something else happen? You two look like you got bad news to tell us.”

 “We hope it’s nothing serious bro, but we have to check on the radio station. Communications have been going down and there’s no way to get in contact with anyone anywhere.”

“How far do we have to go? Will it throw us off route?” Ronin asked.

   “No. As a matter of fact we’re at least a mile or two from its location. I should go and let Captain Mharu know where to head now.”

    “It doesn’t sound too serious. Maybe we’ll be able to fix the radio station’s controls in no time when we get there.” Kyria said confidently.

  “I don’t know, it is rather strange communications have been cut off especially during what’s been going on. We’re going to have to be prepared should the army be responsible for all this.”


Back in the Spirit World Tenzin, Jinora and Korra made it to the outside of the Twilight Woods. They stood a few yards away from the trees that almost looked like they were a wall grown to keep anyone even spirits out. They walked along the outside searching, hoping to find the masked spirit or some spirit that would know how to find the masked spirit.

 “It won’t be long now, all we have to do is find that spirit Ronin told us about to see what she wants with me and get her to tell us how to recover the past Avatars.” Korra walked with haste, but in a pace Tenzin and Jinora were able to keep up with.

“Be patient Korra, we are where we are wanted. It’s only a matter of time before the spirit presents herself.”

Korra inhaled and exhaled to calm her excitement that was causing small white clouds to form in the clear sky, “You’re right, I’m just still shocked that after so many years I’ll be reunited with my past lives. Everyone who’ll help in my future endeavors.”

  “I know this is big and important for you Korra that is why we’re here for you to help however we can. Just go at this slowly.” Jinora kindly assured.

Just then Korra pops her head up with glee, “I got an idea as to how to bring the spirit to us.” Korra sat down and got into the meditative position.

  “What is it that you have in mind?” Jinora was curious to know.

 “It is something Iroh showed me during the Unalaq crisis. When I’m in the Spirit World I have a positive and negative affect on it all. If I concentrate I could bring the spirit here to us.”

“Good thinking Korra. Then we’ll wait here and see if she’ll show up.”

Jinora and Tenzin also started got into the meditation position to wait along with Korra.


Meanwhile, the radio station in charge of transferring radio signals came into sight. It looked to be normal from afar. Everyone was looking at it through the front windows standing behind the controls to allow Captain Mharu to see where he was heading. But as the airship neared they started to see a few figures on the mountain side. Asami grabs a telescope to get a better look at them one at a time. She was shocked to see they were soldiers from the Dragon Brothers’ army, clearly keeping watch to insure no one can get to the radio station that shown damages caused by conflict.

   “Guys, there are soldiers surrounding the station.”

  “What are we going to do? They’ll be on us if we land nearby.” Out from the air came a burning boulder that nearly hit the airship on the right barely hitting the engine. The Captain turned to the right to dodge another incoming boulder. He had turned real hard forcing everyone to lose balance and rolled to the left side of the ship piling up on one another.

     “Sorry ‘bout that that, but those boulders would really do a number on us.” The Captain yelled out as he was leveling out the airship.

  “And now we can get blown out of the sky.” Bolin continued as he was picking himself up from the floor.

“Alright here’s what we should do.” Ronin started to explain his quick plan as he was getting up, “Mako and I are going to fly out and take out as many soldiers as we can. Bolin and Asami wait on top of the airship. Bolin keep those boulders from smashing into the airship.”

Kyria was confused as to why Ronin didn’t mention her and what she could be doing in the fight, “What about me Ronin?”

“Oh, um, I don’t know. What will you want to do?”

     “Oh boy.” The Captain says as a burning boulder headed towards the airship. Nobody else could see it having their backs facing the side of the airship. Kyria quickly jumps forward, using her earth bending to destroy the huge boulder turning it into dust with a few pebbles hitting the glass. Everyone was astonish to see Kyria had earth bending abilities.

“OK you should stay inside since Bolin might not be able to reach the bottom of the ship.” Ronin said still astonished at what had happened.

   “Captain Mharu, will you and your crew be alright when we’re away?”

     “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, I got a few earth benders myself, you can go on up with them missy.” The Captain grabs a microphone to talk to the crew, “All earth benders come to the bridge for new orders.”

Atop of the airship the five friends carefully to the side of the airship that was facing the mountain side occupied by the soldiers who were still throwing the boulders with fire.

“While Mako and I clear out a couple of the soldiers for a safe zone for you all to fly in with those parachutes and land on to join us. That way we can take the radio station back.”

   “Understood.” Asami replied.

Ronin and Mako then use their fire bending to take off toward the mountain side.

   “I didn’t know you had bending abilities.”

    “Oh yeah. Well we never really got to that, but was going to mention it eventually.” Kyria smile at Asami and then focused on the task.


After meditating for a while Tenzin opened his left eye to see if Jinora or Korra had stopped as well. He then let’s out a deep breath, “Korra, this doesn’t seem to be attracting any spirit.” Tenzin looked around as Jinora opened her eyes looking around as well.

Korra concentrated hard her brows would twitch, but she stopped knowing Tenzin was right, “I guess we should have asked Ronin to come along with us just in case, huh?” Korra looked at the ground, disappointed to not have met the masked spirit. But then she immediately thought of an idea, “Jinora, can you go into the world to get Ronin? Maybe he can summon-“

Korra then spots the masked spirit up on a tree looking in between Tenzin and Jinora. With wide eyes she gets up, “There she is!”

As Tenzin and Jinora barely get a glimpse when the spirit retreats into the Twilight Woods, Korra runs after the spirit passing Tenzin whom also follows her with Jinora behind him. When they entered the woods Jinora looks back to see the entrance get sealed off by trees closing in on each other. The masked spirit jumped branch after branch while Korra ran over the roots of trees and puddles of water reflecting the sky and tree tops. “Wait! Stop!” Korra called out. She then used air bending to get on the tree branches as well. Up ahead was a tree with an opening where the spirit took refuge in. Korra jumps down to block the entrance with Jinora in the center and Tenzin by Jinora’s left.

 “Alright, come out. I don’t know what you really want with me, but here I am.”

The spirit hesitated for a moment then slowly walked to the entrance of the tree.

“We were told you knew how the Avatar can recover her past lives, so we’ve come for the information.” Tenzin added.

The spirit looked down a second and then to Korra. She stepped out of the tree and stood in front of them, “I had to bring you deep into the woods, it was the only way to insure I could talk to you and ask a favor from you.”

Korra and Tenzin looked at each other and back at the spirit.

   “I do have what you seek, how to regain your predecessors. However, I apologize to have to use it as a way to get back what was taken from me long ago. When we were together.”

Everyone was surprised to have heard what the masked spirit said.

 “What do you mean when we were together? You mean in a past life?”

   “Yes. I am Ummi. I had been engaged to Avatar Kuruke long ago. But to our misfortune I was attacked and had my face stolen by Koh, The Face Stealer.”

Tenzin was shock having known what malevolent spirit was mentioned. Then he understood what the spirit wanted, “You want Korra to recover your face for you in exchange for the information.”

Jinora then took a step forward to try to reason with the Ummi, “I am sorry for what Koh did to you, but the world is currently in danger and Korra needs to contact with one of the past Avatars in order to stop the evil that has risen.”

   “Yes, I have felt a change in the Spirit World, but you must understand that those who get their face stolen are condemned to wonder in the Spirit World forever never to find peace.”

Everyone looked at one another knowing they had no choice but to help Ummi.

 “OK, we’ll help you. But you must give your to tell us what we came for.”

   “I will young Avatar, you have my word.”


Back on the mountain side battle, Mako and Ronin were defeating the soldiers while Bolin and Kyria protected the airship from oncoming fire boulders. Once Mako and Ronin cleared an area for Asami, Bolin, and Kyria he picks up his walky talky to let Asami know they can come down, “It’s clear enough, come on down to us, we’ll cover your landing.”

   “OK, we’re going.” Asami puts away her walky talky and gives the queue to jump off.

Inside the airship the Captain saw the three friends take off, “Alright, two of you men get on top!”

Two of the crew benders immediately headed to the ladder to get on top of the airship. The other men got into their stances on the other side of the airship since the Captain started turning the airship to keep it flying near the battle site.

    “Keep those boulders from smashing into the airship.”

It wasn’t long till the three friends landed and joined the fight, with Bolin and Kyria earth bending and Asami with her newly improved electric gloves and a new protective suit for battle. They all moved forward up the mountain using their bending abilities to make it easier to climb forming steps and making stone platforms to carry them like a lift. As with before the spirit soldiers would disappear leaving their armor and weapons to fall to the ground. Finally they reached the building clearing out the last soldiers. Mako burst into the building while Bolin threw rocks to eliminate the three soldiers guarding the five hostages that had been bound and had bandanas covering their mouths. Mako and Bolin start to unbind the hostages helping them up.

 “Are you all alright?” Mako checked on them.

     “Yeah, that was quite the entrance you two. How did you manage to take care of the monsters outside?”

 “We had help from three other friends.”

     “That’s good, were you able to beat the man and woman who brought the monsters here as well?”

Bolin and Mako looked at each other then back at the radio operator.

“Man and woman?”

Just then one of the windows in the room was shattered by Ronin whom was actually thrown into it from the outside. He got up slowly as the openings in his body closed.

“Looks like we aren’t done here yet.”

He limped to the entrance at first, then returned to a normal posture. Asami and Kyria fought the two strangers dodging Xersi’s fire bending and Xi’Lee’s air bending. Kyria bravely fought Xersi using her earth bending to attack and defend. Xersi would climb or jump over the walls Kyria made as he also dodge the rocks she would throw at him. Though she would get a few hits on him it didn’t seem to affect him much. As Kyria fought Xersi, Asami would carefully keep a short distance from Xi’Lee to dodge the whirling winds jumping and rolling. Then they would close the gap and fought with their fists each using their own martial art. Asami would land blows with her electric gloves that could throw some electricity within a yard. Xi’Lee would show how little to no affect it had on her by grinning as her body’s openings revealing a purple light that closed quickly.

      “Do you honestly think you can defeat me so easily?”

Asami wasn’t scared of seeing Xi’Lee recuperate, but knew she had to keep in mind Xi’Lee wasn’t a normal being.

    “Where are Ronin, Mako and Bolin? We sure could use their help.” Kyria asked as she backed up next to Asami as the attacks stopped.

Xersi and Xi’Lee regrouped as well grinning to show they weren’t hurt and that the two friends were no threat. Before the two groups could attack one another again Ronin threw a ball of fire from the top of the radio station at the enemy’s feet. Mako and Bolin also appear, each going to the side of Asami and Kyria. Despite the three friends showing up it didn’t stop the two villains from continuing their attack. Mako tried taking on Xersi whom after throwing two fire punches, Xersi used his bending to block Mako’s attack and kicked him out of the way. Not long after Mako attacked Bolin tried to confront Xi’Lee with earth bending, blocking the whirl winds as Kyria attacked as well. Ronin jumped from the building to fight with Xersi to insure he doesn’t attack Bolin and Kyria as they fought Xi’Lee. Bolin had bended a block of earth under Xi’Lee as she charged at him, but she used it to get into the air when she knocked him down with a whirl wind and threw knives to pin him down. She was going to land a devastating blow on him, but Asami lunged her open palm to strike Xi’Lee with electricity. Xi’Lee did get struck a bit, but was able to evade most of the electricity. Meanwhile, Ronin fire and earth bended at Xersi to try to defeat him. Xersi had to really try harder to avoid the attacks especially since he could not do anything to Ronin’s earth bending. Mako joined fire bending at Xersi to distract him as Ronin threw huge rocks that barely hit at times. Xersi and Xi’Lee then got together still in a fighting stance as everyone cornered them on an edge of the mountain.

      “You all won this fight, but you will not win this war.” Xersi called out.

       “As you wonder around doing your “heroic deeds” we’ll make sure it’ll all be in vain.” Xi’Lee exclaimed.

Then they use the same gestures making the purple smoke cover their bodies and vanished leaving the smoke to fade away with the breeze. Everyone drops their stance know the fight was over.


In the Spirit World Ummi with Tenzin, Jinora and Korra arrived at a far distance from the huge tree where Koh inhabited the underground cave within.

   “We are here.” Ummi said as they look at the tree from atop of a huge root.

 “What’s our plan?” Korra turns to Tenzin.

“Koh is a dangerous spirit Korra. When we go into his domain to talk to him you must not show any expressions. I don’t know, however, how we’re going to be able to get your face back Ummi.”

    “You will have to fight him I’m afraid. He will refuse to just give it up so easily. But to take it from him it will be like taking off a mask.”

“I see. We will try have to reason with him.” Tenzin turns to Jinora and places his left hand on her right shoulder, “While we’re in there I want you to stay out here in case we need back up.”

Jinora nodded to let him know she understood why.

    “Please be careful inside. I am terribly sorry for having you do this, but I been here for so long, away from everyone whom I loved.”

“It’s alright, it is our job to help anyone even spirits in peril.”

 “Are we ready to go?” Korra asked.

Tenzin nodded. Jinora and Ummi stayed behind watching as Tenzin and Korra started to walk towards the tree as they were looking at the dark entrance not knowing what darkness awaits them.

Shiro Shinobi: "After staying in the city Ronin sees how much has changed and is getting accustomed to the present day life style. And after a talk alone at night outside of the temple, Asami and Korra make amends for how their relationship came to an unfortunate end due to Asami working most of the time to conserve her company; the only the thing she has left of her father Hiroshi Sato. But in route to the Western Air Temple, everyone was attacked by a group of the Dragon Brother's army that were being led by two strangers whom clearly are up to no good as well."

*Book: Strength Chapter 5: Two Journeys, Two Paths*

Tenzin along with the airship arrived at the Western Air Temple where some of the air acolytes received them and helped tie down the airship. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo flew in to greet everyone running to hug Tenzin first.

       “Daddy you’re finally here!” Ikki jumped excited to see Tenzin.

      “How was your voyage?” Jinora asked.

“We ran into some trouble. I’m afraid the Dragon Brother’s army is expanding.”

      “How far are they from the temple?” Jinora was worried and concerned to hear the army was near.

 “We had fought them off in the earth mainland across the sea from here. They were being led by two strangers, a man and a woman who clearly have something to do with all this.” Korra added.

“Where’s your mother?”

        “She’s in the building over there where we’ve been staying in.” Meelo pointed out.

“I should go over and let her know what’s happened. If you all want you can explore the temple for the time being.”

Everyone agreed and parted ways. They looked around the ancient temple where there were new buildings that were a bit different in design than the older ones under construction. A few of the construction crew were hanging from harnesses to place beams and drill them together. Other workers were welding with torches while a few were using their fire bending to weld.

   “This is quite the place, no wonder Tenzin chose it to keep his family safe while being hid.” Mako said looked around as they all walked to a fountain.

Once there they sat on the edges and continued to look around at the amazing structures.

    “So what are we going to do? We can’t just stay here whole the world is in danger.”

     “You’re right Bolin. We should leave as soon as possible, but I need to get parts of the airship fixed. Otherwise it can cause us problems while we get back on our search.” Asami replied.

“Can’t you fix some of the damage on the airship? You’ve done it before and you have engineers to help you as well.” Korra wondered since Asami has fixed airships in the past.

     “A couple of the equipment got damaged as well during the fight.”

Bolin rubbed his chin as he thought of an idea, “I got it! Why don’t we ask one of the workers if we can borrow some of their equipment?”

     “That is true, I should go ask one of the construction crew members for the tools. I’ll be back.”

Asami took a lift of one of the older buildings next to one the new ones under construction. She walked along the edge of the building in order to see whom she could talk to for the tools. She spotted somebody who could be the construction foreman, “Excuse me, are you the one in charge of the construction here?” The foreman turned to Asami, “I need to borrow some tools in order to fix the airship my friends and I came on.”

The foreman gives rolled up plans to the worker he had been talking to who quickly ran off, “Why yes I do have some tools that aren’t being currently used. What tools will you need so I can send somebody over with them?”

“Thank you I’ll compensate you for the help.” Asami proceeded to take out the list.

Back at the fountain everyone waited for Asami.

  “Is anyone else hungry? I could sure go out for some grub.” Mako asked.

Korra stopped playing with the water in the fountain, “Sure, but shouldn’t we wait for Asami?”

 “I could stay and wait for her. You all can go ahead, we’ll meet up with you all later.” Ronin offered.

“I guess we can do that. Alright, we’ll be in the building Meelo pointed out for Tenzin to see if there’s a place to have lunch.” Korra said and stood up.

Everyone then walked off leaving Ronin to wait for Asami. Ronin paced back and forth around the area. Asami got back, but saw only Ronin at the fountain where they all had been, “Where is everybody?”

 “They left to get lunch, I offered to stay so when you came back we could go to where they went to join them.”

    “Thank you for waiting, but I’m going to head over to the airship. Somebody from the construction crew is going to be bringing the equipment over, so I’ll have to be over there. You can go and join the others if you want, I’ll eat later after making some repairs.”

 “You won’t mind if I tag along till we get to the airship?”

    “Not at all.”

Asami and Ronin arrived at the airship where Asami inspected the outside to see what repairs were needed, “The engineers and I should fix the openings on the outer shell, it’ll be a quick fix and when it comes to testing it the hydrogen gas won’t leak out.”

 “How long might it take to get it up and running?”

    “It will most likely take the rest of the day. It shouldn’t have any major damages. Even the engines won’t be a hassle.”

Just then three members of the construction crew showed up with the equipment, “Are you the one in need of some assistance?”

Asami and Ronin turn around to the see the worker who had their welding mask on.

“Yes of course, my name is Asami. This is my friend Ronin.”

The worker lifted her welding mask, “My name is Kyria. Here’s the equipment you asked for.” Her fellow members set the equipment down to take a break, “Say I know a bit of how to fix airships having worked in an airship hangar for a good while. I figured I could help you out if you want?”

“Sure, the extra help will get the airship running far quicker than calculated.”

  “Well if you ladies don’t mind I’ll be leaving. Best of luck on your work.”

Ronin bows politely and was off toward the building. Within the building everyone was at a table in a big lunch room enjoying the already prepared food in the center of their table.

  “It feels great having time to relax.” Mako enjoyed a sandwich he had made.

   “The food is so good, where is Tenzin by the way?” Bolin asked Korra as she was eating some noodles.

“He’s informing everyone back in Republic City of our encounter yesterday to get a few of the troops to patrol the area just in case.” Korra slurped some noodles and proceeded to ask Bolin a question in a playful teasing way, “So, how’s Opal doing in the Southern Air Temple?”

   “She’s doing fine, thankfully. Had talked to her about what had happened as well and where we are now.”

  “She wouldn’t happen to know if anyone in the temple has run into trouble?” Mako asked.

   “I did ask if everyone has been safe at the temple. She claims there haven’t been any signs of the army being near the islands or parts of the mainland she and the group of air benders have been patrolling.”

Korra was relieved to hear, “That’s good to hear. It should mean the army isn’t big enough to cover some of the major areas in the mainland.”

Ronin entered the lunch room, looked around until he spotted the three friends. He sat beside Korra to eat along with everyone else. Korra looked around and saw Asami nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Asami? Didn’t she come with you?”

Ronin stopped preparing a plate, “She said she was going to do some repairs on the airship and was going to eat after.”

  “She manage to borrow some equipment I assume.”

“Yes, three members of a construction crew had brought them over and one offered to help as well.”

  “Well they should get it all fixed up in no time.” Mako added as he picked up his glass cup to drink.

Jinora, Ikki and Meelo then joined the group of friends at the table having trays with food for themselves.

“Is there any news from your father?” Korra wondered leaning a bit over the table to see Jinora.

     “Not that I know of, I was busy teaching some of the advance acolytes more on how to use the gliding suits, sorry.”

  “We’ll just have to wait until he’s done talking on the radio.” Mako suggested.

      “Hey while you all are here Meelo and I can show you guys around. There’s so much to do as well. It’ll be so much fun.” Ikki happily offered.

       “Yeah! We can fly off the cliff side, go into the tunnel carved by Toph, and even dive into the canyon lake below.”

   “Yeah, that’d be awesome!” Bolin said excited at the ideas.

     “Meelo that’s highly dangerous and has been discouraged from doing since the mist hides the rocks in the lake.” Jinora warned.

  “As much as Bolin and I would like to do something as fly, I’m afraid that’s not something we can do.”

     “Actually you two can. Allow me to show you, right after I finish my lunch.”


     On a long ledge near the top at the end of the temple’s perimeter is a station with all sorts of flying machines for people who did not poses the ability to fly. There were a few people on gliders of all sorts that met with their needs.

Bolin looked in astonishment at the people flying doing all kinds of maneuvers, “Wow, that’s amazing. But can anyone really use them without air bending?”

     “Of course, the designs have been modified through the years since their creation in the North Air Temple.”

  “Is that so, I’ll want to try the glider then.” Mako was interested as he watched someone flying on one nearby.

   “I want to try the one that is a small cart with wings.”

On top of a ledge near the station Mako was onto a glider getting ready to fly as he was being instructed by Ikki and Meelo.

      “When you take off make sure to use your body weight to turn and to go up and down.” Ikki instructed.

       “And if you’re having trouble and need to ditch the glider pull this handle on this cord in front of you.” Meelo pointed out.

  “Alright sounds easy enough.” Mako adjusted his helmet.

Down a few feet from them Bolin got ready as well in the cart with wings while Jinora was giving instructions, “OK I’m ready for this.”

     “Make sure you keep your arms inside the machine. Use these levers to change directions.”

   “Sounds easy to do. But let’s just say I get into trouble and need to get out, what do I do?”

     “Just pull this other lever out and pull the string on your pack to release the parachute from your back pack.”

Jinora stepped back and watched Bolin. After letting out a breath he put on the goggles and grabbed the switch that would release the cart. He pulls it and goes down the slope. Jinora runs behind him on the side of the small track. Bolin hung onto the levers on the side and soon once in the air he start to shout in excitement. Jinora jumped from the ledge and opened her suit to fly alongside Bolin to congratulate him, “You got it! You’re doing great!”

  “Alright Bolin!” Mako shouts seeing Bolin flying. He then grabs ahold of the bar handle and prepares to jump.

      “If you do have trouble we’ll be right beside you if your parachute doesn’t deploy.” Ikki happily insured Mako.

  “Um, thanks.”

Mako focused and took a breath. He then jumps head first diving straight down. The air whistled as he kept descending until he pulled up and flew straight.

Korra flies in from above passing Ikki and Meelo, “Pretty good for your first try.”

  “This is amazing, I wish I knew about this a long time ago.”

The two fly above the mist at the bottom of the canyon avoiding the pillar like rock formations sticking upward while laughing.

     As Asami worked on the airship she stops for a moment to lift her welding mask to wipe off some sweat from her forehead and take a breather. She notices her friends flying around having fun.

“Looks like they’re having a lot of fun.”

Kyria stops welding an opening to see herself, “They are, it’s an exciting thing you should try it.”

“Maybe later, I don’t really have the time right now. We’re kind of on a mission and the airship is going to be vital for it.”

Asami was going to continue to weld, but Kyria had stopped her, “Say, why don’t we take a break and go eat lunch? Your engineers are back from theirs.”

Asami thought about it and agrees, “You’re right, I have been putting it off since we arrived. Let’s go get something to eat.”


     Back in the canyon Korra, Mako and Bolin were racing in the air. They whooshed around the rock pillars up and down the canyon. Korra and Mako were tied and close to the finish, which was a long strip of paper being held by Meelo and Jinora. The two racing were side-by-side exchanging competitive looks as they approached the finish. And when they go through the paper strip it seemed as if both went through making it hard for Jinora, Meelo and Ikki to judge who won.

      “So who won?” Ikki said as she landed on the surface of the rock next to Jinora.

     “I don’t know. I think Korra did.”

        “What?! No way did Korra win, it clearly was Mako.” Meelo argued crossing his arms.

As the kids argued, Korra and Mako landed on the strip of land near the temple intended for people using the gliders.

  “That was some race, huh?” Mako said as he removed the helmet and lifting the goggles up above his forehead.

“It was. You were pretty good on the glider. Maybe we can take one with us so you can fly more often.”

Korra and Mako walk to the station to put away the glider and equipment. Bolin then comes in on a small runway and comes to a stop near the lot to park the cart. He climbs out and takes of the helmet and goggles.

   “Oh man, that was awesome!”

Korra chuckled to see Bolin so happy, “You really had a blast in that thing.”

   “Yeah, I should use one so I can go flying with Opal now.” Bolin notices Ronin was absent, “Hey where is Ronin? He’d enjoy using one of these flying machines.”

“He stayed in meditation rooms to mediate. Maybe we should go for him and see if he’d want to try one of the gliders.”


     The three friends were back inside the building walking around looking room after room to see which one Ronin was in. As they passed the lunch room Korra notices Asami having lunch with Kyria and decided to enter to present herself.

“Hey Asami, finally taking a break from working?”

    “Yeah, I had been putting it off since we got here. This is Kyria by the way, she’s from the construction crew working on one of the buildings we saw.”

“Hi, I’m Korra.” She puts her hand out to shake Kyria’s hand

     “Hello. I know you probably get this a lot, but it’s great to finally meet the Avatar.” Kyria shook Korra’s hand happily to have met her.

    “So what’s brought you here? I thought Ronin said you, Mako and Bolin had gone for lunch some time ago?”

“We did, it’s that we’re looking for Ronin. He stayed to meditate while Mako, Bolin and I went out so they can try out the gliders. You two haven’t by a chance seen him around the building when you came in?”

    “No we didn’t. Would you like for us to help you? We’re going to be heading back to the airship in a few minutes.”

“No need, you all should finish your lunch. It was great meeting you Kyria.”

     “The same.” Kyria replied before Korra walked off.

After leaving the lunch room Korra looked back until Mako and Bolin walked up to her.

  “Hey was Ronin in there again?”

“No, he wasn’t. We should look in the upper levels he’s bound to-“

Just then she spots Ronin running towards the group. Once he reached them he stops to catch his breath.

 “Korra you won’t believe what I have discovered.” Ronin pauses to catch his breath to recuperate it all.

“What is it?”

 “I was able to get in the Spirit World, where I came by a spirit that told me she knew of what happened to you and a way for you to recover your past lives.”

Everyone was shocked to hear of the discovery, but Korra looked as if she was out of breath herself.

“Who is this spirit? How can I recover my past lives? Where did you find her so I can meet her?” Korra just couldn’t believe the news.

 “She somewhere just outside the twilight woods. Unfortunately she didn’t tell me of how to get back your past lives. She said she wants you to go to her.”

“I don’t know what to say. This is big, huge even. Guys, we just might have a chance to get rid of the army faster than expected.”


     In the evening, everybody met in the big dormitory Tenzin’s family was staying in. They sat in a circle in the living room to discuss what action to take next.

“So, who was this spirit, what did she look like?” Tenzin asked Ronin.

  “She had a mask on, but had a human form nonetheless.”

“What was her reason if any to why she couldn’t just tell you how Korra could regain her past lives?”

  “The spirit wanted to tell Korra personally. That’s the reason she gave me when I asked her myself.”

   “Do you know if by any means she could be trying to lure us into some sort of trap?” Mako wasn’t convinced that the spirit could have good intensions.

 “What do you mean? Why else would she present herself to know of how to help me regain my past lives?”

   “Think about it. We are trying to stop an evil force that had threatened the world before and out of nowhere a spirit comes up to Ronin saying she knows how to help you.” Korra then relaxes a bit after hearing what Mako said, “I’m not saying we shouldn’t go see if the spirit is telling the truth or not, but to be cautious when we do.”

 “You’re right. I would’ve jumped at any opportunity to regain all that I had lost without thinking what consequences could be waiting by letting my guard down.”

    “Then when we go to the Spirit World we should have some suspicions and be alert when we confront this spirit.” Bolin suggested, “It would be better to have our bending just in case it’s a trap.”

“Jinora, Korra and I can enter the Spirit World easily, there’s no need to take everyone.”

Tenzin gave it some thought and agreed with Bolin’s idea, “That is true, the spirits have been known to have unexpected forms of power. Alright, we should go into the portal in Republic City since it is the closest to our current location.”

     “Wait, but what about our mission here? The airship ready to depart for tomorrow, but we can’t just set our priority to search for the temple aside.” Asami pointed out.

      “She’s right, besides who knows how long it will be before we return and also how long we will have to travel if it’s part of what the spirit instructs.” Jinora added.

“OK how about this. We head back to Republic City so the three of us can go into the Spirit World. The rest of you can start heading to Ba Sing Se, checking up on every village, town and city alerting them of the Dragon Brother’s army if they are not aware of their threat along the way. When we get the spirit’s instructions as to how to get Korra’s past lives again we’ll be coming through the spirit portal in the North Pole and we meet at Ba Sing Se?”

  “Yes, that could work. We just might have enough information to where the temple’s location is at. And even if it becomes useless when Korra contacts Avatar Hanso, at least we’d have defended any of the places we come across from the army.”

     “It’s settled then. I’ll go tell the airship captain to get his crew ready for tomorrow.”


In the morning everyone was up getting everything ready to depart in the airship. Asami was checking the outside of the airship to make sure the shell was completely repaired. When she was done looking she was greeted by Kyria who was carrying a bag filled with her belongings.

      “Hey Asami I heard you were leaving today.”

     “Yes, my friends and I have to be leaving back to Republic City and onward to Ba Sing Se.”

      “Really?” Kyria pauses for a moment to ask Asami a question, “I hope you won’t mind and pose as an inconvenience, but do you think I can go along with you all? I have been away from my home for a long time and being that you’re heading to Ba Sing Se that’s where I’ll be getting off. I had been trying to get in contact with somebody who could get me over there, but as you can see I failed to.”

     “I’m not sure you might want to come with us. The road ahead is going to be dangerous. I don’t know if you heard there’s an army that has been appearing and attacking places in the mainland. Everyone here is going to be making sure the army doesn’t attack any more people with the help of the United Forces.”

      “Is that really true?” Kyria thought for a moment but still wanted to go along, “I still want to go. If what you say is true I must go to see if all is well in Ba Sing Se. I’ll help out whatever ways I can along our trip to Ba Sing Se.”

Asami smiled and knew she won’t be able to change Kyria’s mind, “OK, why not. Welcome aboard.”

Kyria entered the ship and looked around at the interior. She was amaze at its interior design having a lot of free space. She then spots the Korra, Mako, Bolin and Ronin sitting on the couches near the back of the room. Kyria walks on over with Asami to present herself.

     “Everyone this is Kyria. She helped me with making repairs on the airship yesterday. She is going to be joining us on your journey to Ba Sing Se.”

      “Hello everyone, it’s great to meet you all.”

Mako gets up to shake her hand, “My name is Mako and that’s my brother Bolin.”

Asami walked to the captain to see if they were ready to take off, “Are we ready?”

The captain nodded, “We are Ms. Sato. Everything is functioning as it should."

Tenzin along with Jinora fly off on Oogi follow by the airship. Asami looks back at her friends who were conversing with Kyria to help her get settled in. Once the airship was out of the canyon she looks forward with her eyes fixed on the horizon ahead.

Shiro Shinobi: "As it turns out, the invading spirit soldiers are from the Dragon Brother's army. A destructive force that once almost conquered the four nations 6,000 years ago. But thanks to Avatar Hanso along with the double bender of the time Lixao had defeated and sealed the Dragon Brothers away. Now it is up to team Avatar to warn the world leaders, get the United Forces to defend the mainland from the invading force and find out where the lost temple the evil force was sealed in is located for answers."

*Book: Strength Chapter 4 - Cannot Avoid*

     Around noon the Yoat docked next to the Air Temple dock. Everyone was getting off and heading towards the building.

"Maybe we can catch Tenzin if he hasn't left to the city just yet." Korra said as everyone walked up some stairs.

They met up with one of the guards whom Korra proceeded to ask, "Hello, is Tenzin around still or has he left to the city?"

       "Tenzin has left to the city I am afraid. However, he told every guard that if we were to run into you that he will be seeing the President at the new police station. That is where they will be having the meeting today. Also, if you were to be needing to join, to take one of the bison with you. I'll have some of the guards ready one for you and your friends Avatar."

"Yes, we will need it to get to the city, thank you for notifying me."

Korra went to tell the others of what she was told, "Well Tenzin is not here. He is meeting President Raiko at the police station, probably also informing Beifong of the new threat."

  "We should meet up with them nonetheless. We all should know what precausions are going to be taken as well." Mako insisted.

 "Of course, we can also add our input to what we fought. It would help your leader as well should he send his troops to face the enemy." Ronin said as he turned to look at the city.

The gang had taken the bison to fly to the city and landed a few blocks where the newly constructed Republic City met with the partially vine covered old Republic City. Ronin looked down the street seeing the spirit wilds that made a curtain with the vines at some point.

 "Wow, this is quite the transformation that has happened."

“You have no idea. Every time I would try to help Republic City, it always seemed I made it worst than better.” Korra smiled as she felt a bit embarrassed to say, “But now the spirits are more part of our world than before.”

    “Don't want to be rude or anything, but we should be heading to the police station and be a part of the meeting.” Bolin interjected.

   “But who's going to be looking over the bison while we're gone? We can't just leave it here or take it to the police station.” Mako pointed out.

     “I'll do it.” Asami said as she takes the reins from Mako, “Besides, there's something I have to check up on.”

“You sure it can't wait? We're going to be needing your help as well.” Korra urged Asami.

     “It'll be quick. As Mako said someone has to watch over the bison.” She climbed up the bison onto the saddle, “It won't take long, I'll be at the police station soon enough.”

Asami then gives the bison the order to fly off. Everyone starts walking down the street to the police at the end of the road. Ronin looked around the neighborhood, the many sites with a couple of spirits flying above, smelling the scents given off by the many food stands by the street on either side.

 “Wow, this is quite the place. It's so lively.”

“Yeah, I liked everything I saw when I first came to Republic City. But then that was the old Republic City now covered in vines. Not that the newly constructed part of the city is in any way different.”

Then everyone heard smashing sounds coming from a small dining place up ahead where a group of three vandals came running out with two sacks, one filled with food another with money. The third one bended a bit of the ground in front of the door to insure the owner couldn't open it as they escaped. Unfortunately for them they headed towards Team Avatar.

“Where do you think you're going scum?”

     “It's the Avatar! Go the other way!” One of the hooligans yells at his partners.

“You're not going any where.”

Korra air bends to knock the closes robber down, but was able to withstand it and gets into a stance. Another immediately drops his sack of food to water bend to help while the other robber with the money is running away. Mako blocks the attack and starts bending to the water bender along with Bolin to take down the two robbers.

  “Looks like today isn't turning the way you expected guys.” Mako says preparing to attack.

 “I'll go for the other one.” Ronin said as he started to run around the battle running after third robber in an alleyway.

“I'll cover you.” Korra replied as she followed Ronin bending air to the robbers.

After putting up a fight, the two robbers were defeated and tied up. Ronin then came out with the third robber and put him next to the other ones.

 “My first time in the city and already something exciting happens.” Ronin chuckled.

“I had something similar happened to me as well. Though I don't believe I'll be taken in the police station along with these guys this time.”

   “What were you guys thinking going around stealing from places?” Mako questioning the thieves' motive.

      “What do you care? It was the only way to be initiated of the Triple Threat Triad.”

    “Triple Threats huh? I know it must be hard not to have somebody to rely on, but joining the Triple Threats is not the way to go. Believe us, we did the same thing. In the end, you just have to find a way to take care of each other without having to resort to stealing from people.”

      “How can we? No one is willing to take us in or there's no employment any where.” The thief said as he looked down to the floor.

   “Alright look. One of my superiors has started something of a youth program to keep guys like you out of trouble. I'll put a word in for you all to her. Once you do your time, which I reckon is going to be about a week, she'll have openings waiting for you to start helping you all in whatever problems you are facing.”

      “You'll do that, for all of us?”

   “Of course. Just make sure you show up and do what is expected of you all. Don't ruin this chance because you never know it might be the only one where you could've made a difference for others like yourselves.”

After reaching the police station the gang walked in towards the front desk, hoping they were not too late.

“Excuse me, do you know if President Raiko is still having the meeting?”

The officer looks up, “Avatar Korra, I do believe he is still with Chief Beifong and Tenzin. They are in the conference room down the hallway to my left, four doors down.”


     After locating her office building from above, Asami landed the in the parking lot tying the reins on a pole in between three empty spaces. She failed to notice that the bison had an itch on its side and started to brush up against the nearest Satomobile. Asami entered the building and went to her office where her secretary was hard at work reviewing a few documents.

He notices her and stands up to greet her happily, “Ms. Sato, it's lovely to see you, but isn't it a bit of an  early return? You were gone for eleven days. The company is going steady and can assure you everything is alright.”

    “Something has came up and needed to come back to Republic City. I thought I'd check up on things while I am here, but glad to hear everything is fine.”

      “Of course, but please do not worry. For you did leave the company in good hands. Your employees and I have been doing our part and will not fail you Ms. Sato.”

    “I know you won't Lao, I trust you completely to help get the company up top again. Well guess I should meet my friends at the police station as promised.”

      “I do hope everything is alright.”

     “It is, it's that we are to meet with the President and Tenzin over there.” Asami looks at her pocket watch and places it back in her pocket, “I should get going, everyone is expecting me there as well.” When Asami came out of the building, she noticed the damage the bison had inflicted to the automobile. She embarrassingly places her left hand on part of her face, “Let's go.” She tells the bison and then gives the order to fly off.


Back in the police station everybody was giving their input for what actions to take against the immanent threat.

President Raiko finished writing on a piece of paper,” I'm sorry, but it's hard to believe even with you three being more than witnesses. No official here in Republic City has gotten world of an invading force, particularly being some sort of a spirit invading force.”

  “Sir, we are telling you the truth. Just get in contact with the state, someone from the town will confirm our statements.” Mako said trying to assure the President.

Chief Beifong steps up next to President Raiko, “With all do respect sir, when they all come to tell you something bad is happening, what other choice do you have in believing them?”

Raiko calmly exhaled and began writing on the paper again, “You're right. So you three are sure these soldiers can be taken down and not come back at some point? After the many things I've seen I don't want the possibility of them to be able to come here and reek havoc as well when I send men to stop this threat.”

Just then Asami walked in silently to not interrupt next to Bolin.

    “So what have I missed?”

   “Well we explained to Raiko of what Ronin, Mako and I encountered, trying to persuade him to send forces should there be any more invasions and he's thinking now of some way to keep everyone alert.”

 “We stuck around in the town sir, nothing happened during our time there.” Ronin reassured Reiko.

     “I'll have to contact the United Forces to be alert of an invasion of this unsuspecting force. In the mean time, I'll leave it up to you all to find that temple you believe will have the answers we'll need to be rid of this threat.”

“We will Mr. President. We'll get back to you as soon as we do.” Tenzin stood up and shook President Raiko's hand to end the meeting.

Outside near the doors of the conference room everyone got around to talk.

      “So, I reckon you all will be leaving to search for that temple soon?” Beifong asked with crossed arms in a polite way.

 “It's not like we have have a choice. We'll be leaving tomorrow in the morning. Will you be doing anything as well Tenzin?”

“I'll be heading to the Western Air Temple to check up on my family. I had contacted Pema while she  was in route to the Western Air Temple.”

 “Maybe we should go together. We all do have to check if the armies are only on the South Eastern part of the Earth Mainland so we can start marking spots on the map while we head to Ba Sing Se.”

“Alright, seems like a good way to start since the eastern states are bound to have gotten alerted from the state where the town that was attacked.”

 “You're probably right. We'll see each at Air Temple Island in the evening, I want to show Ronin some parts of the city.”

“Alright see you all till then.” Tenzin stayed to talk to Lin as everyone left.


In the evening at Air Temple Island everyone returned from the city. Everyone chatted as they headed to the door to enter the temple.

 “This has been quite a night. I Appreciate you all for showing me around the city to show what it has to offer.”

“No problem.” Korra happily replied.

  “You were really having a blast at the arena.” Mako added.

 “Yes, to think bending is used in such an exciting sport.” Ronin said still excited from seeing a match.

    “You should've seen us back in the day.” Bolin says reminiscing of when Korra, Mako and he were a pro-bending team, “Our team was the Fire Ferrets. Oh man did we rule that arena making the crowd go wild when we had won matches with slim chances.”

 “Wow, you guys were pro-benders, must have been an amazing run.”

“It was, especially when it came to the tournament. Course we wouldn't have made it far if wasn't for Asami's help.” Korra said hoping to get Asami to become part of the conversation.

Asami realizes it and acts feign to join in, “Oh yeah. Was glad to do it. Even though it was my father whom really helped.”

Korra knew Asami was pretending, but decided to ignore it, “Well any way guys, it is getting pretty late we should be heading in.”

  “Yeah you're right, it has been a long day, but a good one nonetheless.” Mako said as everyone started heading into the temple.


That night Asami was outside in her night gown leaning on a wooden railing on an edge of the island overlooking Yue Bay to the bright lights coming from the city. She stayed there, thinking, but then heard steps from behind at a small distance behind her and partially turned around to see who it is.

Korra walked approaching her, “Can't sleep huh?” Korra turns to look at Asami as she also leans on the wooden railing next to her.

 “Yeah, I just have a lot on my mind.” She paused briefly, “It only seems it's been a couple of weeks since you and I have been alone together.”

“I know it hasn't been the same since, well you know...”

 “I wish things were as they were. I'm sorry about how things ended up being, it was all my fault. I should've put more attention to us than working all the time.” Asami sniffled.

Korra held what she had to say briefly, “It wasn't all your fault, I should have stayed and been more supportive for you, especially after you lost your father in the past months.”

“I just didn't want to lose the company. It is all I have left of him.” Asami's eyes begin to tear as she closed them.

Korra place her left hand softly on Asami's shoulder, “I want things to be as they were, with us being friends at least. I missed having you around. I want to make amends.”

 “I do too. I know I haven't been easy to get along with lately, but I'll be more open and stop avoiding being part of the group.”

Korra places her hand on Asami's hand and they smile at each other.


It is the next day and Asami had an airship waiting to depart from the island. The crew had finished loading some supplies into the airship to start departing. Tenzin makes one last knot to secure a few bags on Oogi's saddle and walks towards Asami who was looking over a document on a clip board.

“So is everybody ready to take off?”

     “We're all set here Tenzin. Just need to check we're not missing anything.”

 “That was the last of cargo, we're ready to take off.” Korra said looking bright.

“OK then. I'll be flying ahead at a distance. I'll make sure to have the radio on in case either one of us spots something.”

Then the airship starts running its engines and starts to depart from the island. Oogi as well flies off, doing a circle around the front of the airship and then heads off to the direction towards the Western Air Temple. The new airship flew far more faster than the previous designs over the sea. After flying a while, the airship headed over land to cut through the peninsula to get to the Western Air Temple faster.

  "I been thinking Korra, why don't you contact the Avatar from your previous life to tell you where we can find this temple?" Ronin suggested.

 "Unfortunately I can't. A couple of years ago my uncle had planned to become another Avatar, a dark Avatar using the most pure evil of all spirits, Vaatu. Despite all our efforts, they were able to merge and not long after they manage to rip Raava out of me and destroyed her along with all my predecessors in the process."

  "Oh, sorry to hear what happened to you, this is quite concerning news. Is there a way to probably come about to regain them all? Some ritual?"

 "Not that I know of, Tenzin and I tried everything, doing a whole lot of research, but found nothing." Korra feeling glum telling the story.

     "Don't worry about it Korra. We'll be able to find that temple, you may not have your previous carnations, but you have us to help when ever you need it." Asami said cheering up Korra.

Asami got up to go to the controls where she picks up the microphone to check up on Tenzin, “How is everything ahead of us?”

“Everything seems calm on the land and in the skies.” Tenzin replies.

     “Good to hear, over.” Asami puts the microphone back in its holder on the radio. Bolin Goes to one of the windows to look out and see the land that had been ravaged by the fires made in the end of the Hundred Year War. There was a new forest being grown with young trees replacing the old ones that had been badly burnt.

Asami steps up next to Bolin to look out the window as well, “Wow, it's hard to believe a few fire benders did all this destruction using Sozin's comet.”

    “The land has been recuperating nicely, it'll be all green before you know it.”

Just then Tenzin's voice that could hardly be heard due to some strange interference noises coming on the radio. Asami immediately runs to it and tries to get in contact.

     “Tenzin, this is Asami, what's going on? I can hardly hear you.”

Mako then notices what clearly are flames being bended in the air in the distance in front of the airship, “Guys look! I think Tenzin might be in trouble.”

Soon Tenzin and Oogi came into view and everyone saw Tenzin trying to fight off two spirit soldiers on dark dragon like spirits.

 “I'm going out there to help Tenzin, you guys land the airship some where safe.” Korra says as she ran to the back of the airship with her glider pulling down the lever on her way to open the back door. She opens the glider and starts flying to Tenzin's aid. The pilot on the wheel starts descending the airship to find a clear place to land. Korra makes it to battle scene and air bends at one of the soldiers that was about to attack Tenzin again. Korra manages to knock him off the dark spirit as she lands on Oogi's saddle after Tenzin steadied him. Both Korra and Tenzin air bend at the remaining soldier, Tenzin at times having to get Oogi change direction leaving only Korra to bend. After a lucky hit, the soldier and the dark spirit start falling down from the air towards the ground, but evaporate far before hitting the ground.

 “Are you alright Tenzin?”

“I'm fine and so is Oogi. Clearly there is some of the Dragon Brothers' army some where around here.”

He then notices a battle going on in the clear patch in the forest where the airship had landed, “We must hurry!”

Mako, Bolin, Ronin and even Asami with new thinner electric gloves and in a battle suit were fighting off the soldier surrounding the airship. They were putting up a terrific fight against the numerous soldiers, defeating them with earth and fire bending. But then while Asami was fighting two soldiers managing to defeat one, a soldier on a dark spirit was about to take advantage of her guard being down when Ronin spotted him and got in between them by jumping on the dark spirit. The dark spirit spun as it spiraled with both Ronin and the soldier still on of it. They ended up crashing a bit of a distance from the battle site, both Ronin and the soldier rolling off the dark spirit into the young forest. Ronin got up and started to see where everyone else was. He came across a sword with a black blade that had all sorts of small vegetation growing on it, mainly vines, from a burnt dead tree still standing.

Ronin pulls the sword out and studies it, “I wonder how long this has been here?”

Then out of nowhere the soldier Ronin fought on the dark spirit attacks, but failed to get Ronin whom used the sword to block the attack. Ronin uses the black sword to fend off against the soldier. With a swift move he managed to finally defeat the soldier making him as like the others evaporate. He immediately rejoins everyone who had been calling out for him.

  “I'm here” Ronin comes out between two trees.

“Ronin, there you are. Are you alright?” Tenzin walked towards him.

Before Ronin could reply two dark characters come from the top of two trees each.

      “Looks like we have some competition after all Xersi.” A strange woman with tattoos tells her partner.

       “Well, at least we'll have some entertainment coming our next meeting Xi'Lee.”

 “Who are you and why are you invading these lands?” Korra demanded holding back on attacking them.

      “You'll know soon enough Avatar. Till then, watch yourselves.”

The two mysterious characters than vanished in a twirling dark purple smoke.

    “What was that all about?” Bolin a bit shaken for what just happened.

“I don't know, but clearly they're involved with the Dragon Brothers' army. We'll have to be careful from now on, we're dealing with an enemy that has more to offer than expected.”

  “Yeah. I was lucky to have this sword.” Ronin presents it to him, “I found this sword impaled in an old dead tree.”

Tenzin makes wide eyes, “I don't believe it, that is Sokka's lost space sword.”

  “Who's lost space sword?”

“He was a friend of Aang. He helped defeat the airship forces whom were responsible for the way this forest is now. Sokka had used his weapons to save another friend named Toph and his life during the final battle. Doing so he lost them including this sword. Any way, we should resume our trip to the Western Air Temple. If the army is all the way out here than they really have made some advances.”

Mako takes out the map he had previously marked on and drew a circle along with an arrow, “I'll assume they came from the mainland over here. After visiting the temple we have to go to these cities and towns to make sure they haven't gotten taken over.”

 “He's right, we have a new battle waiting for us and we'll need all the help we can get.”

Oogi along with the airship started to take off, not knowing the same dark spirit that previously watched Ronin, Mako and Bolin was even there among the trees and like before zoomed off.

Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 4
Legend of Korra Book: Strength Chapter 4 - Can't Avoid
Finally after the series finished (sadly :,( ), I'm coming about to writing more chapters. I just hope to still give it some sort of LoK feel to it. It took me long since I knew there were going to be some major changes and add ins. Unfortunately as it may be, some of them rather were going to make me make major changes to the plot I had set up and would've forced, literally, a major do over. However, one thing I liked that (though wish there had been clear scenes and more of) is finally the representation of bisexual, homosexual subject on the show. I decided to incorporate it in the fanfic soon to be read. Hopefully I don't get all lazy. It's been hard time for me and been low on the inspiration juice. But after this chapter, I am really looking forward to making more and hopefully will get to the ending.
Which one of my drawings from the Legend of Old folder should I make a painting next?


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